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June 17, 2024




Agents & Haulers of National Forwarding Co., Inc. & Affiliates

Eileen Sherman, Executive Vice President, Operations

Dropping a Pack Date on a Domestic Shipment?


It's important to clarify that reducing pack days without prior communication with both the customer and our office is not permitted. Whether adjusting from two pack days to one or from three pack days to two, it is necessary to inform both the customer and our office of any changes.

We acknowledge that operational adjustments may necessitate changes, but clear communication with the customer is fundamental. Many customers schedule time off work to accommodate our services, and failure to notify them of changes can lead to significant frustration and inconvenience. As emphasized during the June 13th USTC/Industry call, neglecting to communicate pack day reductions may result in TSPs receiving Letters of Warning. Repeat offenses by agents within our network will result in reduced shipment opportunities.

Additionally, please note that any modifications to load dates must not be made directly with the customer. Please review our date change policy:

  • If a customer contacts an origin agent or hauler for a load date change, the customer should be directed to contact NFC Operations for instructions on requesting a date change.

  • Effective immediately, we have removed the fields for date changes on the NFC pre-move survey form. If at the time of conducting the pre-move, the customer requests a change in load date, NFC Operations is to be contacted before the agent agrees on new dates with a customer. Again, NFC will provide the member with instructions on how to request a date change. Please note the addition/removal of pack dates doesn’t require customer contact to NFC, but load dates should not be shifted to account for a necessary change in pack dates.

  • If at the time of service, packing finishes early and the customer requests early loading, the customer should be directed to contact NFC Operations prior to the hauler promising to load early. Even early loading requires an email from the member specifically requesting that the shipment be picked up early.

  • Once date changes have been approved NFC Ops will advise all parties.

We understand that this is a major change in practice. However, this is a USTRANSCOM requirement that will impact future business for all parties if not adhered to properly, and therefore not optional.

If you should have any questions, please email datechangenfc@nationalforwarding.com.

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