Strangers No Longer
Drive Safe Bills - Introduced to Michigan Legislature on April 12th!
State representatives Abraham Aiyash, Rachel Hood, Tyrone Carter and state senators Stephanie Chang, Mary Cavanagh, Jeremy Moss, Sylvia Santana, and Erika Geiss hosted a press conference on April 12th to announce the reintroduction of legislation to allow all Michigan residents to obtain state identification cards or driver’s licenses regardless of their immigration status.

Michigan Catholic Conference Director of Legislative Advocacy, Tom Hickson, Vice-President for Advocacy and Public Policy, also spoke on behalf of the bills.

In the Senate, the bills will now be sent to the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee chaired by Senator Erika Geiss. The bill numbers are: 0265, 0266, and 0267.

In the House, the bills will now be sent to the Regulatory Reform Committee chaired by Representative Tyrone Carter. The bill numbers are: 4410, 4411, 4412.

Hearing dates have not yet been scheduled.
A key sponsor of these bills in the senate, Senator Stephanie Chang, met with over 50 members of our Advocacy Team on April 10th, two days before the press conference.

She applauded our efforts to advocate for these bills and urged us to keep up the pressure on our lawmakers during the legislative process to come. How can we do that? See below!

Click here for the full Detroit Free Press story
Mark Your Calendar - Strangers No Longer Announces a Week of Advocacy for the Drive Safe Bills - May 19th thru May 25th 

We met with 65 Michigan legislators on our Drive Safe Advocacy Day on February 28th and began to establish relationships. Now that the bills have been sent to committees with bill numbers, it is time for us to turn up the heat!

We propose a Week of Advocacy in May. We will create a list of tasks for us to complete each day and a way for participants to let us know what they have accomplished. The tasks will include items like:

  • Emailing your legislators
  • Calling your legislators
  • Attending coffee hours
  • Contacting friends and family--especially out state-- to let them know about these bills and get their support
  • A possible day trip to Lansing (to be determined)

We will provide literature, scripts, and more.
We are holding a Week of Advocacy planning meeting on Zoom on Saturday, May 6th from 10:00 am to 11:15 am. Click here to register for this planning meeting.

It is amazing to me how much progress we have made on this issue--which actually promotes one of our main goals--to make Michigan a more welcoming state for everyone! We are learning together--let's keep going!
Rich Faba
Chair, SNL Advocacy Team