Open Enrollment for K-12 Schools

Students embark in a 10-month journey to 'green' their schools by completing monthly challenges to conserve water and energy, reduce waste, recycle, and learn about alternative transportation, food efficiency, 'green' buildings and 'green' careers. Click on the flyer to access the 2016-2017 application and share with your friends.

*A limited number of spaces are available.
The Holy Grail of Climate Action

By Greg Hamra, leader of the Miami Chapter of Citizens' Climate Lobby

Climate change is the greatest threat facing humanity today. So, w e have three choices; reduce our greenhouse emissions, adapt, or suffer. We're going to do some of each. The question is what the mix will be. The more we reduce emissions, the less adaptation will be required, and the less suffering there will be. THE solution to the climate crisis is clearly pricing carbon. But this will require an act of Congress to become law. This means we need political will for a livable world. And that's where YOU come in.   Learn More

Checklist for a more Sustainable Lifestyle
By Karla Utting, Executive Director of Dream in Green

We all have a carbon footprint, a measurement of the amount of carbon dioxide we create by our daily activities. When carbon is released into the atmosphere faster than it can be reabsorbed by natural processes, it contributes to global warming. Presently, CO2 is being released ~3x faster than it can be reabsorbed, which means that almost everything we do aggravates the problem. The good news is that we can take action to reduce our footprint in almost every aspect of our life. Learn More
67 Awards Presented at the 10th Annual DIG Awards Ceremony

On June 2nd, we celebrated the 10th annual Dream in Green Awards Ceremony - an event that recognizes the teachers, students, facilities staff and school administrators that went above and beyond implementing our environmental education programs. A total of 67 awards were given this year. We look forward to the next 10 years! Learn more .
An Inspiring Speech by 7th Grade Environmental Leader 

At the 2016 Dream in Green Awards Ceremony hosted in June, we were excited to introduce Isabel Perlman as our keynote speaker. As a student leader she worked with fellow students and staff to implement the WE-LAB Schools program at Nautilus Middle. She demonstrated leadership by increasing awareness of environmental issues and promoting sustainable practices at school and in her community.


Commissioner Levine to Support 'Green' Schools in District 8 
Dream in Green is excited to announce a new collaboration with Commissioner Levine Cava and her team to support District 8 K-12 school's green journey in the 2016-2017 academic year. The Commissioner will help to actively recruit schools to participate in Dream in Green's flagship program, the Green Schools Challenge.  Learn more
Other News & Events
  • Join Dream in Green and Coral Gables Museum staff at the 2016 Dream in Green Academy Social on Friday, September 2nd at 6 PM. Learn what we have in store for K-12 schools this new academic year and participate in our raffle. RSVP to View flyer
  • Save the Date! Dream in Green's  Living the Dream annual celebration is on Thursday, November 10!  Join us to celebrate the organization's 10th anniversary at its annual fundraiser which will be hosted at one of Miami's most eco-friendly venues. Find out where we are hosting in our Facebook and Twitter !
  • DIG welcomes new staff and Executive Board members. Find out who has stepped up and read our new Chair's welcome note. Read More
  • Interested in gaining experience in implementing environmental education programs or communications? Check out Dream in Green's new Fall internship positions  
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