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Will Active Citizenship Help Slow Sea Level Rise in the 21st Century?
By Karla Utting, DIG Executive Director
Contributing Authors: The CLEO Institute, The Nature Conservancy, Citizen's Climate Lobby, City of Miami Beach

The science behind sea level rise is  unquestionable. In 2015, climate scientists working at NASA revealed that the actual rate of ice melt in Antarctica and Greenland will far exceed previous projections. The question now is how quickly sea levels will rise in the future. Will active citizenship help to keep the momentum around climate action strong until we see global emissions curb? What are the solutions to this global problem? Learn More
Students Shined at the UN Climate Change Mock Event
By Natalia Arias, DIG Program Manager
In December 2015, Dream in Green joined Frost Science, Breakthrough Miami and the University of Miami to host The World Climate Project.  Over 200 students in Miami-Dade County engaged in role-playing activities simulating the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (or COP21). They experienced what it is like to negotiate a climate deal in an effort to stabilize global average temperatures from increasing more than 2 degrees Celsius. Learn More
Recycle Your Cartons, Miami Dade County!

It's a new year and it's time to nurture new, healthy habits. Why not resolve to help improve the environment? One simple way to jump-start your efforts is by remembering to recycle your cartons. It's easy, just put your clean, empty cartons into your blue recycling bin along with your bottles and cans. Learn More  
How We Succeeded on  Give Miami Day

Give Miami Day is a unique 24-hour online giving event that benefits local non-profits. Dream in Green staff and Board members devised a plan to ensure we raised awareness about our participation in the event and to reach as many donors as possible. Find out how we did it.  Learn More
Why Are We Racing to the Next Species Extinction? 

The words 'mass extinction event' is not something we want to hear much less experience in our lifetime. According to scientific evidence, the Earth's five mass extinction events have been the result of changes in the carbon cycle. Learn how you can #StartWith1Thing to make the world a better place.   Learn More  
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