Meta-Analysis demonstrates dramatic effect of Vitamin D3 on COVID infections.

Our last two newsletters covered the evolving data showing that maintaining a good Vitamin D level reduced the incidence of COVID infections and reduced the incidence of severe infections and death in those infected.

These two newsletters can be accessed here:

This month a new meta analysis (of 38 studies involving 207,587 patients confirmed that low Vitamin D levels are associated with a highly significant more than doubling in the risk of COVID infection, the development of severe infection and death. Published in Plos One, July 2022 the study demonstrated:

a) in the 8 studies investigating the association between Vitamin D levels and the risk of COVID infection there was an 188% increased risk of infection for those with low versus high Vitamin D levels.

b) in the 16 studies in COVID infected patients that investigated the association between the severity of COVID infections and Vitamin D levels there was an 138% increase in the incidence of severe COVID infection in patients with low versus high Vitamin D levels.

c) in the 19 studies looking at death rates in COVID infected patients there was a 135% increased risk of death in patients with low versus high Vitamin D levels.

There are impressive numbers to say the least and should encourage everyone to maintain adequate levels of Vitamin D.

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