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April 15, 2021 Volume 11 Number 4

Jean Suffield Is
Dedicated To Teaching

Jean Seville Suffield is an educational administrator and a long-time contributor to the William Glasser Institute. Her accomplishments and qualifications are formidable, but Jean is a fun-loving, approachable teacher who is greatly admired by anyone lucky enough to have taken her training.
 Born in Québec, Jean grew up with English-French bilingualism. She attended a very small school that had combined elementary grades, and before long she was assisting Sister Mildred Theresa by tutoring the younger children in the blended classroom. By the time she graduated from high school, she had obtained a permit from the parish to teach 7th through 9th grade girls, and then qualified for teaching boys.
 After work and in the evenings, Jean completed a BA Honors, B.Ed, and an MA in English Literature through Concordia University and the Université de Montréal. She was then accepted to the Leadership and Educational Research program, an experiential learning program offered by McGill University.
 Joining her McGill classmates on a a trip to Lake Placid (USA), she heard Dr. Glasser speak about Quality Schools for the first time. She described his humility as an important part of her first impression, and further described him as a quiet, easily understood person who appealed to everyone. She decided to participate in the Leadership Certificate project on Quality Schools, and she took a Basic Intensive Training.
 Jean went on to create a very successful career as a school administrator, beginning as a school vice-principal. She rose rapidly to become the Superintendent of Schools (Director General) in her district, and initiated Choice Theory training for teachers under her leadership. Then, her elementary school district merged with three others in order to pool enough students to create new regional high schools and to oversee their feeder schools directly. Jean then became the Assistant Superintendent [Assistant Director General] of the new entity. 
 Using the District's training budget to employ William Glasser Institute Instructors, Jean was able to train staff in Choice Theory and Reality Therapy. She continued her own CT/RT study, becoming a member of the Senior Faculty. When she retired from public education as the Assistant Director General of the district she had helped create, she did not even entertain abandoning her career in education. (Continued below)
A Glasser Quality School is a learning environment designed so every student can succeed. The school is free of threats and coercion, and students delight in using their knowledge to demonstrate their competence. Choice Theory provides a solid theoretical framework, enabling everyone to have a clear understanding of the purpose and process, rather than a new assortment of techniques with little consistency of application in the effort to "make" children learn.
Nancy Herrick and Bette Blance have been collaborators and consultants to schools in their process of implementing the GQS model. They begin with a three-point overview of “Criteria for Glasser Quality Schools” (page 282 of Choice Theory):
1)     An environment and culture of trust, respect, and cooperative relationships is established and maintained. This is accomplished only if coercion, threats and punishments are eliminated. There is a spirit of joy and satisfaction for all every day.
2)     Choice Theory is taught to students, staff and administrators, and parents are invited to learn as well. The Reality Therapy procedures are used in problem solving and dealing with difficult issues. Maintaining strong, connected relationships provides the window of safety so all issues can be settled and everyone gets their needs met.
3)     Educational lessons are useful and meaningful. “Schooling” is eliminated. Speaking, reading, writing, problem solving, and effective communication are emphasized. All students do competent work and choose some lessons each year in which they strive for quality. 
Curriculum is presented with student interests in mind. Students often work in collaborative groups and choose innovative projects to demonstrate their learning.  The two consultants note that it takes from three to five years to complete the transition to a Glasser Quality School, as shifting to a model based on internal motivation and Choice Theory takes time and personal integration by staff.
For more information or observation of a Glasser Quality School, visit the website of St. Patrick’s Catholic School in Norfolk, VA. USA.  Other GQS’s exist around the world in Australia, Colombia, Croatia, Korea, Ireland, and Slovenia.  
(Continued from above) Jean Suffield’s decision to retire from full time work in schools allowed her to devote herself to teaching Choice Theory and Reality Therapy. She has taught in every member organization save two: the United States, Ireland, Australia, Colombia, Korea, Macedonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Singapore, South Africa, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, India, the Philippines, Morocco, Malaysia, Japan, and mainland China! She spent a lot of time with the development of the Rochester School—the first self-declared Glasser Quality School, now housed in Chía, Colombia.
Jean invested a lot of her energy in supporting the Glasser Institute. She was Canadian representative to the US Glasser Institute Board, including two years as Chair, from 1996 to 2002. She continued serving on the newly independent Glasser Canada Board first as Treasurer and then as President until January 2021. She also contributed to the organization of the Journal of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy. She assisted Brian Lennon as Liaison for a two-year period from the International Board’s inception, and recently retired from the Board after two 3-year terms.
The pandemic has forced all of us to change our habits and Jean has continued working online. She has become interested in coaching and applying the concept of Total Behavior to clarify clients’ personal and career goals. She is working with Dr. Aasma Chroqui on a book titled: The Phoenix: Your Journey to Mental Health and Glasser Unplugged: It’s All A Matter of Perception. She is also very interested in working with Dr. Chroqui and Nancy Herrick to develop a new Reality Therapy® curriculum suitable for accreditation globally.
Jean has made many magnificent contributions to the lives of others through her life of service. We are grateful to you, Jean, for your many important contributions, and look forward to many more. Thank You!
suggests a new perspective for the counselor. In this book Leon and Boba Lojk
explore the implications of a focus on process rather than procedure. They assume that the therapist lives by Choice Theory, while the client is using external control. They describe therapeutic progress in terms of the client’s learning internal control perspectives and behaviors. The discussion is fascinating. This book can be ordered via the International web site


is my response to requests from teachers looking for practice in Glasser Quality School methods. It is a self-paced course with immediate applications in the classroom. Credit options including academic units are available through CE Credits Online. To register, lick their link on our web site.
Virtual Basic Intensive Training
April 15-17, 2021
Mona Dunkin

Virtual Basic Intensive Training
May 7-9, 2021
Les Triché

Virtual Advanced Intensive Training
May 14-17, 2021
Kim Olver

Virtual Basic Intensive Training
May 31-June 3, 2021
Kim Olver

April 16 - April 18 Virtual
Practicum Supervisor Endorsement 
Dr Jean Seville Suffield, Nancy D. Herrick, 
  Scott D’Alterio, PhD

May 14 - May 16 Virtual
Open Advanced Training
Dr. Jean Seville Suffield, Nancy D. Herrick, 
   Guest Instructor

July 23 - July 25 Virtual
Open Training Certification 
Jean Seville Suffield, Nancy D. Herrick

The European Association for Reality Therapy is planning its 7th Annual Conference as a virtual event June 24th through 27th 2021.

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