Downtown Water Main Work

Water Main Project Now Expected to Begin Next Week

The City has just provided an update to the Water Main Project and now expects wrap up work between 9th and 11th Streets and move to the core areas of downtown starting next week (week of August 28th). This is a change from the last email.

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This next phase of the project is anticipated to move to 4th Street and work from there to 7th Street. This work will result in Court Street being completely shutdown to traffic and parking for significant amounts of time (~6 weeks) between 2nd and 7th Streets. Traffic will be redirected to Ella and Market Streets during this time. This work was originally planned to take place September 11 to October 31.

After that they will move to finish the work between 7th and 9th Streets with work anticipated to be wrapped up by December 1st. This section will not see as long or extensive of closures but will be impacted.

The project will lastly move to Market Street impacting the area between 3rd and 6th Streets mostly during the month of December.

This is not the project impacts any of us want. The timing is not great. The impacts are more severe than was in the original plan. We tried our best to encourage they find alternatives and this is the improved plan and what we were left with. The challenge is that this is a nearly 140 year old water main, the core of the downtown area is filled with many service lines and other underground infrastructure. Hopefully they keep ahead of schedule and reduce the impacts on everyone.

More details, as provided by the City are available below.

City Letter to Affected Property Owners

Click to download a PFD version of the letter

Anticipated Project Schedule

Click to download a PFD version of the schedule

Please note they are ahead of schedule on this plan newer plan

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