Downeast Medal Finals

July 2016

Happy Fourth of July! This year, our finals will be held from September 15-18th, 2016 at the beautiful Skowhegan Fairgrounds, Skowhegan, Maine. Visit our website for more information.

2016 Closing Date is September 1st except for late qualifiers who qualify by September 4th.

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Trainer's Corner
At Home Tips to Help Prepare for a Successful Show 

By Wendy Johnson

Many times I hear, “we are so good at home, then we get to the show and it all falls apart.”

For those of you who may have to do the majority of your work independently, here are some ideas. Try to re-create a show type situation at home. If your horse gets fresh in a group setting, try to ride with others as often as possible. Practice the WTC and reverse in a group, have a friend randomly halt on the rail giving you a chance to practice riding past or taking the quarterline to avoid traffic. Have a friend act as ringmaster to call the class, this helps with you not knowing exactly what may come next: will the judge ask for reverse and trot? Or canter?  

If you are having problems over fences, you can practice riding a lot of pole and flower box courses. Starting with your opening circle, design a few courses, be creative, add that bending line or rollback. Practice riding the correct track and striding until you feel confident that you can develop and identify your horse's ideal pace. Go ahead and use brightly striped poles and crazy colored flowers, potted plants, shrubs, etc. Most horses are more distracted by the “fill” than the actual jump. The more real situations you can create, the better. Practice, practice, practice.

On show day be prepared 110% and arrive early, allowing you and your horse ample time to acclimate to the show grounds. Choose a division that is appropriate for your horse. Go in the ring confident and with realistic expectations and goals. Your success will come by exiting the ring knowing that you and your horse gave your best, not in the color of the ribbon.

Downeast Medal Finals Staff Spotlight
Greg Howard, Head of Jump Crew

Greg is Downeast's Head of Jump Crew, and has been working at shows for 12 years managing jump crews and in-gates. Now, he works only a few shows and is a custom jump builder for EMS Jumps. He used to be a boring accountant (for 9 years) and is from Duxbury, Massachusetts. Greg has a darling German Shepard by the name of Missy who everyone seems to adore. You are sure to see Greg at the in-gate this September, making sure the finals run smoothly and quickly!

Team Challenge
Team Challenge: This is one of the most popular and anticipated events held at Downeast! Groups of four riders (under 18) team up and compete without the help of any coach or parent. Open to any junior rider and horse/pony combination, from walk-trot pole level and up, with fence heights not to exceed 2'3". Riders will be randomly selected into teams of four (each with their own costume theme!) and will coach themselves without any help. Riders will be allowed to walk the course prior to the class and the 2'3" height will go first for each team. The score of each team, with the lowest score dropped, will determine the placing. 
Space is limited for this class and entries are accepted on a first come basis - in order to participate, interested riders must sign up when entries are first sent in. There will also be a mandatory meeting prior to the event where entered riders must be present. Look for more information in the program book!
Rider Spotlight

Cheyenne Roy, 14 years old

My name is Cheyenne Roy. I am 14 years old and I have been lessoning since I was four. I have always had a love for horses! I am lucky enough that I have had my horse Champ (show name Sweet Champagne) since he was 6 months old. He just turned 8 in May. He is the sweetest horse and has a great personality. He is what makes me smile after a bad day. We have been lucky to have some great trainers and my family who supports everything we do!

Champ and I love to show. He loves to jump and so do I! For some people showing makes them stressed and nervous but I feel I perform better in the show ring. I never feel stressed - for me it is about having fun and doing what we love, not about winning! We are still a work in progress. We are doing modified juniors this year and are working on lead changes and not letting Champ drag me around the ring. I love Downeast Medal Finals! Last year was my first time showing there and it was the best show I have ever been to. I love the competition and meeting all the different riders and their horses! I am excited to see how far we go this show season.

Upcoming Shows with Downeast Qualifying Classes

July 5-10     NHHJA Summer FestivalFieldstone Show Park, Halifax, MA

July 10        MEHJA Summer ClassicHollis, ME

July 16        Lucky Clover StablesSanford, ME

July 17        Cornerstone FarmHaverhill, MA

July 24        North ShoreSenator Bell Farm, Chester, NH

July 24        SeaHorse StablesBelfast, ME

July 31        North ShoreSenator Bell Farm, Chester, NH

July 31        Lupine FarmVassalboro, ME

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