Support for children and families who are grieving

June 2024

Online grief education class spotlight: Grief Myths and Misconceptions 

Do you know the three most common myths about grief? The second class in Dougy Center's online introductory course titled, Grief Myths and Misconceptions, is designed to clear up some of the most prevalent misinformation about grief in our society. Here you'll unpack common myths about grief and explore alternatives to the everyday grief response, “I’m sorry.”

You can access this course, along with six other informative grief education classes, by registering for Dougy Center's introductory course, Supporting Children, Teens and Young Adults Who Are Grieving. This course is completely online and available to complete on your own schedule. Learn more here.

Grief education is an important component of Dougy Center's mission, reaching more than 10,000 people each year from the United States and around the world. Our education and training opportunities are available to anyone supporting children and families who are grieving. Find more here.

Join us for these upcoming webinars

Becoming Grief Informed: Foundations of Grief Education

September 5, 2024

10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., PDT

presented by Monique B. Mitchell, Ph.D., F.T.

Being grief-informed sets the foundation for understanding and responding to the needs of people who are grieving the death of someone in their lives. Misassumptions lead to misunderstanding and mistreatment. Tune in for more information on this important topic, including the ten core principles of grief-informed practice.

Navigating Grief During the Holidays

October 3, 2024

10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., PDT

presented by Cristina Chipriano, L.C.S.W.

The end of year holidays can be especially challenging for children, teens, and families who are grieving. In this webinar, we’ll explore various considerations during the holiday season for families who are grieving (e.g., expectations, pressures, rituals) and helpful ways to support families this holiday season.

Too Young to Grieve? Children's Grief Awareness Day Webinar: Free to attend!

November 21, 2024

10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., PST

Children’s Grief Awareness Day is on November 21, 2024. To raise awareness around the needs of children who are grieving, Dougy Center will host an engaging webinar that is free for all to attend.

A common myth is that children may not be impacted like adults after a death. In fact, it's not uncommon to hear comments such as "They are too young to understand" when referring to children's experiences of loss. Join Dougy Center staff for this free webinar where we dispel myths and raise awareness about children's grief.

Learn more about these webinars and register

Webinars are $65 per person (with the exception of the November webinar) with discounted pricing when you register for two at the same time. Registration closes at 10 a.m. Pacific the day prior to the webinar.

Thank you to the New York Life Foundation for their continued support on topics surrounding equity, inclusion, and Dougy Center's commitment to children who are grieving.

Applying grief-informed best practices in your daily life

One way to build grief-informed practices into you daily life is by considering the language you use and being mindful of how it can impact people.

The language we use to describe people and experiences shapes how we view and respond to them. When it comes to grief and grieving, we have the potential to be helpful or harmful. People who are grieving often receive patronizing responses to “move on” or “find closure” when what they need most is to feel understood.

Join the movement to #UnderstandGrief, and find out more about becoming grief-informed. Download Being Grief-Informed: From Understanding Into Action by Dr. Monique Mitchell and Dr. Donna Schuurman, and find out more about this international movement here.

We're looking forward to the 2024 International Summer Institute

Dougy Center is excited to welcome the newest cohort of attendees for our 2024 International Summer Institute, held at our headquarters in Portland, Oregon July 22-26. Our roster for this year’s training is now at capacity and registration is currently closed. Applications for the 2025 International Summer Institute will open next January. Find more information on Dougy Center's International Summer Institute here.

Training highlights

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National Presentations

  • Dr. Donna Schuurman and Dr. Monique Mitchell presented at the ADEC Annual Conference on Reclaiming Perspective: Critiquing the Dysfunctional Grief Narrative on April 12, 2024.
  • Dr. Monique Mitchell presented a customized training on Becoming Grief-Informed: Foundations of Grief Education for Returning Veterans Project on April 17 2024.
  • Inclusivity, Intersectionality, and Grief, a Dougy Center grief education webinar, was presented by Cristina Chipriano, LCSW on May 2, 2024.
  • Dr. Donna Schuurman and Dr. Monique Mitchell presented a customized training for PUNT Pediatric Cancer Collaborative on May 20, 2024.
  • Grief as an Addiction? The Dangers of Pathologizing Grief, a Dougy Center grief education webinar, was presented by Dr. Donna Schuurman on June 13, 2024.

Learn About the Realities of Widowhood in Nigeria in this Illuminating Episode of Grief Out Loud

In this recent episode of Grief Out Loud, Jana talks with Diane Kalu from the WiCare Lekota Foundation. In 2015, Diane Kalu was living in Nigeria with her husband and their three young children. One day, about eight weeks after the birth of their third child, Diane’s husband went to work and never returned. A few days later she got the news that her dad died. She was suddenly a widow, responsible for raising three children under the age of five, in a country with several widowhood customs and traditions that are harmful to women. Thankfully, Diane had her mother to help her survive those early days of widowhood. Then, about five years after her husband's death, Diane's mother also died. Through both of these losses, Diane discovered a lot about herself, including a passion for helping others. That led her to start the WiCare Lekota Foundation, an organization dedicated to supporting widows in Nigeria through social, emotional, financial, and educational support programs. 

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