Hollywood's Attempt to Find Spiritual Enlightenment

The Enduring Legacy of Hans Solo and Indiana Jones

For those of you who read my prior piece about Star Wars, you will know that I greatly enjoyed being part of think-tank discussions with scriptwriter and film editor Marcia Lucas (George Lucas' wife at the time) about the characters and story development based on anthroposophical concepts that formed the spiritual core of the movie.
Well, after that, life went on. I went back to studying anthroposophy and working happily at the Waldorf Institute bookstore. The first Star Wars movie came out and, much to my delight, was a major international hit. All was well. I was satisfied that I had made a significant contribution and thought my brief connection with Hollywood was over.
It wasn't. In fact, it was just beginning. In the same way that Marcia Lucas and I had worked together to define a fairy tale space adventure within an anthroposophical framework, now I was about to enter a new kind of adventure. Hold on to your hat, Indiana Jones!
Here's how it happened. Not long after the first Star Wars movie came out, I was working in the Waldorf bookstore.
My boss and mentor, Werner Glas, stuck his head in the doorway and said, "Douglas, a friend of Marcia Lucas is on the phone and she has too many questions for me to handle.  Would you please speak with her and answer all of her questions?" 
Then, he smiled radiantly at me, and headed back down the hall.
I began to feel a sense of excitement. I had met Marcia Lucas when she had visited the Institute to discuss ideas for her husband's movie, Star Wars. At the time, I didn't realize her accomplishments as an editor, nor did I know the impact that the space opera would have on audiences around the world. The very fact that I had contributed some of the ideas to the Star Wars storyline and characters was a thrilling realization, especially when I had heard that people were standing in long lines just to see this incredible new movie that had opened in theaters. I was looking forward to speaking to any friend of Marcia's and helping out in any way I could........


It wasn't in a galaxy far, far away.......but in a Waldorf school with a few teachers and a Hollywood guest where the original Star Wars movie was conceived. If you haven't read this special story or viewed the related videos, please click the link below:


Read below for a NEW STORY that has emerged on the internet. 

How A Rudolph Steiner Think Tank Inspired the Fairy Tale of All Time

You Have Woken Up....Now What?


Our readers are curious. What is happening in the geopolitical landscape is just as important to them as what is happening to them in their spiritual journey. In the last newsletter we posted a few articles under our Be Curious section that we hope helped you see the bigger picture. Not everyone is ready to see how ahrimanic forces are unfolding in the world. It takes courage, because once you see them, your world view may never be the same. 

To see how to cut the global Gordian Knot, click HERE. The relevant articles are posted under the Be Curious section of the newsletter. Then if you have spiritual courage and are ready to see more inner veils lifted, something that only the apex of the global pyramid is aware of, then open the articles below.

Final Steps Leading to Armageddon
This is not a drill, a conspiracy theory, or a Dan Brown movie. These unfolding events could very well be what Steiner warned us about with the coming of Ahriman. The more of us who are spiritually awake and can full give consciousness to the events at hand, the better we will be in defeating the spiritual materialistic forces that are in play to keep us from our destiny to meet the Etheric Christ. 

Click on the links below to access the articles:

Jesuitism: An Aberration of the Will Element
As seasoned anthroposophists know, Rudolf Steiner cautioned of the dangers when the Will of man was put under the Will of another.  After reading the links above, you may want a refresher on what Steiner indicated regarding the dangers of Jesuitism. For those new to anthroposophy, the lecture given in 1911 is a classic, yet pertains to today's geopolitical situation precisely. 

Recall that it only takes a few of us to work together to advance all of humanity. We invite a circle of TWELVE initiates that can bring forth the Michaelic thinking  that will lead humanity into a brighter spiritual future. 

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