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Climate Events to Impact Property Insurance

The expenses of recovering from natural disasters that occurred in 2020 will likely prompt property insurance costs to increase nationwide. The rising number and severity of hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes, and other events have created greater risk for insurance companies. That will bring both higher insurance premiums and reductions in coverage for property owners, says a new white paper from SitusAMC, a tech and outsourcing firm for the commercial and real estate finance industries.

The growing number of climate events has left the insurance industry reeling,” says Jennifer Rasmussen, co-author of the white paper and vice president and head of thought leadership and publications for SitusAMC Insights. “Many insurers and reinsurers have already seen their 2020 financials severely downgraded." click here to read more.
Plan for the Ban!

Starting May 2022, NJ prohibits retailers from providing single use
plastic and paper bags. Doug Collinson Real Estate Group wants you to be ready and is providing complimentary reusable tote bags!

These 100% recycled tote bags are great for groceries, are convenient to use and have a compacted/foldable design. Let's all do our part in helping the environment! Let's eliminate waste together!

You can pickup your 2 complimentary bags* at these locations:

Randolph (anytime)
24 Aldebaran Drive, Randolph, NJ
Help yourself - located in the box on the front porch

44 Whippany Rd, Morristown, NJ

If you live out of the area or out of state, we will be more than happy to mail the tote bags to you. Click here to send us your address.
*While supplies last
In this issue of "Doug Talks..."

Why changing Air Filters
is Important

As air moves through your house, air filters trap and collect large and small particles such as dust, allergens and microorganisms. According to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), this filtration helps provide healthier indoor air quality. A filter's MERV number indicates how it's rated to remove these particles.
What is a MERV rating? An air filter’s minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) rating measures how effectively the filter stops dust and other contaminants from passing through the filter and into the air stream. Filters with higher MERV ratings trap small particles more effectively than filters with lower MERV ratings.
In general, filters with a rating of MERV 16 or below are considered to be HVAC-system-grade filters for residential, commercial and general hospital use. MERV 17 through MERV 20 filters are typically used in surgical operating rooms and clean rooms that require absolute cleanliness.
MERV Filter Ratings and Efficiency

When selecting the right filter, higher is not always better. Using an air filter with a MERV rating higher than what your furnace or air conditioner manufacturer recommends can actually impair its performance. The smaller pores in more highly-rated air filters create resistance to air flow, and if the filter is used in an HVAC system that is not designed to handle this resistance, it can lower the system's efficiency, decrease indoor air quality, and put strain on the system's fan.
How often should I Change my Home Air Filter?
Many factors influence how often you should replace your air filters with a new filter: indoor air quality, number of pets, household size, construction around the residence, etc. Below are some averages for a residence:
- Ordinary suburban home without pets: every 90 days
- Vacation house or one occupant and no pets or allergies: every 6–12 months
- One dog or cat: every 60 days
- More than one pet or if anyone has allergies: 20–45 days
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New Jersey's Most Expensive Home Finally Sells

The Stone Mansion in Alpine, (New Jersey’s most expensive home for sale) has finally sold years after it was listed. The sale price, which started out at $68 million in 2010 before it was even finished, was dropped over the years and finally sold for $27.5 million. The home was completed in 2013 and has been on the market ever since. So, what does that much money get you? First off, 30,000 square feet of living space...click to see photos and read more
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