A Note from Scott and Marsha
April 23, 2020
Another beautiful week of blooming flowers always cheers the heart! This week, the weather was absolutely perfect to tackle the April To-Do list Amanda sent out last week. We are super thankful to have someone pushing us along to get our chores done. She is a real slave driver ;) 

And speaking of slaving away, can we ask you to do us a favor? This isn't for Scott and I. This is for our FGS team. Encourage them! Small notes, shout-outs, waves out the window. Anything that comes to your mind that would lift their spirits is always welcome. Now more than ever, we should be scattering kindness everywhere we go. And our staff is awesome.  

As you think of ways to scatter kindness, here is a funny story.   

A recent interaction with Doug, our Landscape Designer, is a small example of what I put up with on a weekly basis. I carry a backpack to work along with my purse. In my backpack, I have a sketchbook, colored pencils, pens, magazines, knitting needles/yarn, and a couple of books. These are the necessities when I get bored, have time or in a meeting to entertain myself to stay focused. I know, right? My mind......

One morning, I grabbed my backpack from the bottom and felt something weird, bean-like. I thought, "What in the world do I have in there that feels like that?" Secretly, I was hoping for a bag of M&M's.  

To my utter dismay, I found a gallon size ziploc bag half full of decorative gravel that was about 5-6 pounds. And let me assure you, I did NOT put that in there. And with squinty eyes, I  IMMEDIATELY  knew who did.  

I arrived at work. Doug and Jack are in the kitchen. With my hands on my hips, I ask, "Who put a bag of rocks in my backpack?" They look at each other and immediately burst out laughing. Doug says, "Uuuhhhhh, like 3 weeks ago??"  

Basically, I had been carrying around a backpack of rocks along with my other items for 3 weeks.  I can look at it in one of two ways; I can be really mad at him for this or I can be happy for the additional effort I made engaging my core carrying around said bag of rocks...for weeks....in the bottom of my backpack.  

I will let you know in a future story what my response was. Brilliant, I tell you, brilliant.  

Do you know what else is brilliant ? All things green. Preferably with colorful little faces that can be planted in the ground ... or in a hanging basket ... or in a beautiful piece of pottery ... or on your desk ... window ... garden tub ... kitchen counter ... surely you have a spot somewhere!  If it is socially acceptable to carry around a small dog in your purse, would it be weird to carry a houseplant? I'm only half kidding.  

Be a wild flower in the wind. Scatter kindness.   
Friends, we wanted let you know we fall under the essential business category and will remain OPEN for your convenience. We also remain committed to the idea that being outside and gardening is a great way to relieve tension and anxiety during this time. Bringing green home right now might be just what you need to enjoy your space, since we are spending a lot more time at home. We are very aware of the concerns related to this virus and take them very seriously. For more information regarding how we are taking measures to protect our employees and customers, please CLICK HERE .
We have made some changes to our curbside pick-up and delivery options (we always offer a delivery option, by the way)!!! We are offering pick-up Tuesday-Friday and there are a limited number of spots for each day. Minimum order for pick up must be $50; delivery orders must be a minimum of $100. Please check you total order! Delivery fee within 10 miles is $35, 11-20 miles is $50. We can't wait to serve you in this way!
Have you been looking for the perfect small tree? Well, look no further. The Japanese Snowbell is perfect for small yards. You will enjoy white or pink fragrant blooms in late spring or early summer. We have several varieties in stock. The 'Marley' is a weeping tree with pink flowers in spring. It will grow to 8-10 feet tall. The 'Evening Light' is even smaller and will grow to 6 feet. It is not weeping, but has dark, green purple foliage during the summer. For happy Snowbells, plant in full sun to part shade.
For those of you wanting to grow blueberries in a container on your porch or patio (hello, easy snacking), consider a Dwarf Blueberry Bush. We currently have Sunshine Blue, Pink Icing, Jelly Bean and Duke. While you are waiting for the berries to ripen, you can enjoy creamy flowers and gorgeous red foliage. You will need to plant in full sun for the berries to ripen. Plant two varieties close by for best cross-pollinating success!
Happy snacking!
We have so many varieties of hanging baskets this week, you are sure to find the perfect basket for you! For shade, we have Boston Ferns, Dragon Wing and Rieger Begonia, New Guinea Impatiens, and Fuschia. For sun, we have Petunia, Geranium, Torenia, Lobelia, and mixed baskets. Hanging baskets instantly brighten and add beauty to your porch or patio. Make sure to water them frequently and deadhead spent blooms. You will enjoy them for the entire summer!
Do you love the look of this stair case? Stone installation is a beautiful way to add beauty and practicality to your landscape. We install stone walkways, firepits, patios, walls, and more! If you want to add beautiful stone or paver features to your landscape, s chedule a consult today! Our designer can come to your home and maintain safe distance or even speak to you over the phone as he walks your property. For more information and to schedule a consult , visit our website !
Due to the current situation, we are putting all classes and workshops on hold until further notice. If classes are canceled and included a fee, a full refund will be issued. We will notify any participants of these changes well in advance.
Last week, we shared how to repot and divide a Birdsnest Sansevieria. If you missed it, you can find step-by-step instructions and pictures here!

If you need more general houseplant repotting tips and steps , you will enjoy this post . We tried to make the process as clear as possible. Our blog is just one way we help you care for your green at home. We are always here if you have questions!
We post daily to Instagram @fgsdurham (Garden Center) and @fgslandscapes (Landscape and Lawn Maintenance) and Facebook to keep you up to speed with the latest information about what we are up to, what's in stock, or all the fun we're having!
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