May 19, 2022
Muskoka Watershed Council is proud to sponsor the Doug Cross Stewardship Recognition Program to help local community and lake organizations across Muskoka’s watersheds recognize the dedication, effort, and good stewardship activities of their members.

The Lake of Bays Association is pleased to present the award to Diane Crocker. She will receive a certificate of recognition and gift card to Hidden Habitat Native Plant Nursery.
Concerned about shoreline erosion on her property Diane reached out to the Muskoka Watershed Council and Natural Edge program for help. Through that program Diane had an indigenous-plants planting plan drawn up. Because of Covid-19 restrictions, when the plants were delivered, no one from the MWC nor the nursery were able to assist with the planting. Unphased, Diane went to work on planting them by herself.

The water level was quite a bit higher than when the planting plan was established making it impossible to plant along the shoreline according to the plan. Diane had to get creative and decide on alternate locations for those plants.

August 2021 was hot and dry. Diane ensured that the young plants were watered as needed and protected from grazing deer as much as possible.

Not all of the plants survived and there are areas on her property where there has been erosion that Diane has not yet addressed. She plans to source more indigenous plants to replace the ones that did not survive and to fill in other areas needing more plantings.

Diane is also interested in water quality and actively participated on the LOBA Water Quality Steering Committee which reviewed LOBA’s water testing protocols and helped to find our Water Quality Manager, Kieran Molony.

Diane’s concerns and positive actions demonstrate good watershed stewardship. Her actions are helping to protect not only her shoreline but our watershed and ultimately the quality of the water in Lake of Bays.

Congratulations Diane!
Thank you for all that you have done
and continue to do for Lake of Bays.
Mark the Date
The Annual General Meeting of the Lake of Bays Association will be held on
Saturday July 9, 2022 at 9:30 a.m. in the Dwight Community Centre.

We are delighted to annouce that award-winning, internationally published photographer
Rob Stimpson will present at the meeting.

Plan to attend!
2022 Yearbook Delay
Due to supply-chain issues beyond our control, the 2022 Lake of Bays Association yearbook will be arriving later than usual. We hope to have it in your hands by early July.

Not sure what ward you are in?

Check out the Interactive Ward Map to check and confirm what ward you reside in and the candidates that are running in that ward. You can also check to see who is running in the other municipalities in Muskoka on the Muskoka Votes Map.

The Fire Danger Rating has now been set to MODERATE (effective Tuesday May 17, 2022)

From 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. from April 1 to October 31

Rating Definitions:   
  • Fire must be under constant supervision and control from time of lighting until it is totally extinguished
  • Only environmentally friendly products may be burned
  • Fires may start easily and spread quickly but there will be minimal involvement of deeper forest fuel layers or larger forest fuels
  • Fire must be under constant supervision and control from time of lighting until it is totally extinguished
  • Forest fuels are drying and there is an increased risk of surface fires starting. Carry out any forest activities with caution
  • Extreme caution must be taken with all open flames
  • Forest fuels are very dry and the fire risk is serious. New fires may start easily, burn vigorously, and challenge fire suppression efforts.
  • Extreme caution must be used in any forest activities
  • Total Fire Ban
  • No burning, fireworks, or campfires are permitted
  • Extremely dry forest fuels. The fire risk is very serious. New fires will start easily, spread rapidly, and challenge fire suppression.

The Lake of Bays Tennis Club is looking for summer camp tennis instructors this year. Interested teens who have tennis experience and their bronze cross certification should email with their resume.
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Lake of Bays puts aside $25,000 during budget discussions in seed money for improvements to the Baysville hall

Single-stream recycling to begin June 6 in Muskoka
photo by Terry Richmond
The purpose of the Lake of Bays Association is to promote, sustain and enhance a clean and healthy natural environment, a well-serviced community and a safe and peaceful Lake of Bays.

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