Risk Management Matters: Summer-Proof Your Strategy
Summer is here and the mercury is on the rise! Staying safe outdoors can be a challenge as temperatures continue to climb, but the weather is not the only threat. Cybersecurity continues to be a hot topic, with new threats emerging each day. Telcom Insurance Group can help, offering tips to keep your company safe – on the job and online!

Commit to Crisis Management
Peter Elliott, TIG President & CEO
In today’s ever-changing digital climate, the status quo no longer exists. Businesses must defend about cybersecurity threats from all directions, remaining vigilant and putting crisis management plans in place. Despite the most stringent security measures, incidents can still occur. That’s why it is crucial to have response strategies at the ready.

New Season, New Risks
Craig Rapp
As spring turns to summer, rising temperatures present new risks to work crews. Heat-related illness becomes a very real threat, but prevention is possible by ensuring employees are well informed.
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