April 25, 2023

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Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy (SASA)

Hi Kim,

It's hard to believe we taught our very first Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy (SASA) class on July 25, 2016, which was in the form of a teleclass (phone only). 

We had students from around the world attend this class, including Leslie from France, who listened to the class recordings. She saw we were planning to teach SASA starting next week via Zoom and was so touched by what it has done for her life, she wanted to write an article about it.

On behalf of animals, nature and Mother Earth, we graciously accepted her heartfelt offer.


We hope Leslie’s article will touch you in some way. If you haven't registered for the SASA Zoom class that starts next week on May 3, perhaps you’ll even be inspired to do so.


Learning and Living with Sacred Animal Spiritual Alchemy (SASA)

by Leslie Laagel, Infinity Coaching


I was one of the first students in the Sacred Animal Spiritual Alchemy (SASA) teleclass course created by the animals and St Francis of Assisi for humanity, the animals, and Gaia (Mother Earth) during the summer of 2016. I was fascinated and honored that the animals wanted to help humanity grow and expand, to return to Nature, and to return the source. We have within us the innate wisdom and knowledge that can help us to reconnect with all living and non-living forces that are all around us, all the time.


I was ready to start awakening, to start listening to my soul’s wisdom and to trust the animals, nature and Mother Earth more fully. I was always a sensitive child and my earliest memory of my love for animals was this: as a toddler in Quebec City, Canada, I saw a German shepherd, and I followed him home. Imagine the scene, the pet owners opening the front door to find their dog with a child in tow. ‘Look what I found. Can I keep her?’


It makes me smile thinking about how many animals I have found and tried very hard to convince my mum to let me keep. But I digress a bit. With each module of the SASA course, I felt myself growing and expanding. My awareness of things unseen was heightened. It is hard to explain. It needs to be felt, to be experienced, to be lived.


The elements, my sacred objects found in nature, the energy, the lessons, and my work with the animals and people have shaped my perceptions and opened up my heart and my soul. I allowed myself to trust the process and I was quite happy to see some results. SASA has given me tools to help not only my animals but also myself and other people to heal and become whole and centered.

After completing the course, I used SASA on my own cats and horses. I had a horse, a high strung, nervous gelding named Leo (Lesie and Leo pictured here). In 2016, he was 17. One of the issues he had was that he cribbed and he was never calm and relaxed. I decided to practice SASA on him. Previously, I had practiced Reiki on him with some mixed results. There was a slight improvement, but he needed something more. Equipped with the information I learned in the course, I grounded myself and then called in SASA and my guides and angels.

I was guided to one of my sacred objects, a glistening, black raven feather, that came forward for SASA. Then the element of water and waves came through and I proceeded to work on Leo in his box. This way no one would disturb us nor make any remarks about the funny movements I was making. I closed my eyes and allowed my hands and arms to wave the feather over his body and also move in waves like those of the Atlantic. At times, slowly ebbing from the shore and at other times crashing hard against the rocks. I allowed the guidance to come through.


After about 15 minutes of working with Leo, I saw his head drop a bit and he took a deep breath. He started licking and chewing, and then he yawned. He relaxed and looked at me with a soft eye. At that moment, I knew I had made a deep connection with him. He knew I was there to help him, just as he was there in my life to help me. After working on him, the element of wind came through to clear myself and him. Leo was relaxed for the first time in a long time, but I continued to use SASA on him regularly, usually once a month. That is what SASA can give to you.

Currently, I am using Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy plus energy work from my hands to help and heal animals, plants, and people. I combine it with my Equicoaching (horse coaching) where I work in tandem with one of my horses and a client to get them present and grounded. (Leo and client, Meline, pictured here.)

Being grounded is always the first step I do with my clients and my animals. Then I asked the client about their objective for the session. Here I will use SASA more for clearing their energy and allowing the warm rays of the sun to come through. I am here to help people to reconnect with themselves in the present moment. Horses are always present and that is what they can teach us.

 What SASA has taught me is this – all life is sacred. We are all connected, and we all have a role to play on this planet and at this time. It is time to listen to our hearts and to move forward with love and light. You already know what you need to know. Just open yourself up and allow the light, love, knowledge, Gaia, the animals, and the elements to guide you back to your truth. And trust me, Kim and Allison will help you get there as well. Be open-minded and let yourself experience the magic!


In my work, my life today, I use SASA and I am grateful to have this tool in my toolbox. I mix it up with other coaching tools I have learned, along with Reiki. I am so grateful to have found The Lightfoot Way and Kim and Allison. On a side note, I found them when I typed in ‘Lightworker’ into Google.

Enjoy the SASA class and have a wonderful experience.

If you haven't registered yet, consider joining us for our Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy Zoom Class that starts on May 3. You can attend the 5 classes live or watch the recordings. If you want to attend live, please register now as class details will be going out so you can prepare for this incredible journey of the heart and soul. Click here to learn more.

SASA Blessings!

Kim & Allison



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SASA is a pure form of energy work taught to us by the animals and St. Francis. The animals, nature and Mother Earth actually guide you on how to offer profound and life-changing energy to animals and people. Their connection will raise your frequency, enhance your innate abilities and nurture the sacred energy within you that helps you become one with the universe.  Click here to learn more.

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