It's Time for

Pike Poles & People Power!

Miles Herter and the Barn Raisers, February 19 2023

Sunday, March 26, 2023

1 - 5 pm

Stop by Historic Northampton to watch as timber framer Alicia Spence and her volunteer crew hand raise the

second timber frame addition onto the

1805 Shepherd Barn.

The structural timbers for this one-story addition have

been sized, planed, and joinery cut (see images below).

Raising the frame will take place all afternoon.

On the Grounds of Historic Northampton.

Cleaning scarfe joints for 37-foot long plates

Measuring and Final Fitting of Scarfe

Cleaning Rafter Pockets

Cleaning Rafter Pockets

Northampton's Community Preservation Funds

are preserving the historic 1805 Shepherd Barn.

The additions are funded by grants from the

The William G. Pomeroy Foundation,

The Beveridge Family Foundation,

and Mass Cultural Council.

Historic Northampton

46 Bridge Street

Northampton, MA 01060


Header Image: Timber framers Alicia Spence and Miles Herter work with

volunteers to raise the frame of the ell addition onto the barn on February 19, 2023.