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APF's 2017 Emergency and Disaster Preparedness
Course in Israel
The world faces serious new challenges in the fight against terrorism. Israel, with its vast experience, skill and national mobilization plans, is the international gold standard, and much of what is done there has potential applicability in North America.

In conjunction with the MOH and the IDF, APF has created this unique Course in Israel for healthcare professionals.

Click here for more information. If you have any questions, contact Amir Goldshtein at or call 617-232-5382.
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Transplant surgery is as healing for surgeon Dr. Yaron Barac as it is life-saving for his patients
With each transplant surgery Dr. Yaron Barac says he is born again.

“Seeing the heart start to beat or the lungs inflate and turn pink after transplant is like watching the creation of the world every time-from scratch. It’s like the rise of the sun over the darkness of space. It’s a first breath-taking, heart-beating moment every time for me!” he says.
APF's Winter Medical Birthright Trip to Israel
for Healthcare Students
APF's 10-day Medical Birthright program for medical and nursing students and other healthcare professionals is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore Israel and network with Israeli peers. This enhanced Birthright experience combines all the highlights of an Israel tour along with special visits to medical facilities, including the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Medical Corps training base in the Negev. The trip will take place December 18-28, 2017. 
Come study in Israel! A EMPH in Emergency & Disaster Management
A one-year intensive & challenging Master's program, taught in English, to foster expertise in managing disasters
The Department of Disaster Management and Injury Prevention (DMIP) at the Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University, invites you to join a master's program for international students. The Multidisciplinary Program for Emergency and Disaster Management provides graduates with the knowledge and skills required to effectively deal with emergencies and disasters and their consequences. This program allows international students to learn from leading experts in Israel and become competent in emergency preparedness and management. 

The program has three major goals:
  1. To impart academic knowledge as well as the operational and theoretical analysis skills required when dealing with emergencies.
  2. To convey critical new ways of thinking when examining intervention plans for dealing with emergencies and to give students the tools to transform these plans into action.
  3. To provide knowledge and hands-on experience to facilitate capacity building, management, organization, evaluation and analysis of emergencies.

The DMIP faculty explores innovative approaches to promote public health, safety, security and resilience and employs high standards of academic work to provide evidence-based findings. The faculty consists of locally and internationally renowned experts. The academic program includes a wide range of fields, including disaster management, public health, psycho-social and behavioral studies, psycho-trauma, resilience promotion and management, humanitarian aid action, risk and crisis communication, risk management & business continuity, CBRNe security and more.

Join us in developing global leaders in disaster management. Visit us at or email us at

Assuta Ashdod University Hospital Seeks Chief of Anesthesiology

Assuta Ashdod University Hospital is the first public hospital to be built in Israel in  more than 40 years and is bringing immediate healthcare to more than half a million people in Ashdod and the surrounding region. Ashdod, the fifth largest city in Israel, 20 miles south of Tel Aviv, is home to a large number of young couples who are attracted by the relatively lower housing costs.
Thanks to this new hospital, Assuta Ashdod will become the hub of a totally integrated community care system, providing patient-centered, coordinated care in collaboration with local primary and secondary care as well as with social services and other support services. The hospital has a digital infrastructure that includes comprehensive electronic medical and patient health records, which insures real-time communication among medical staff, patients and their families. Affiliated with Ben Gurion University Medical School in the Negev, Assuta Ashdod will help train Israel’s next generation of doctors and healthcare professionals.

Assuta Ashdod is conducting a recruiting search for a Chief of Anesthesiology. Qualified candidates interested in a tenure track or a minimum two-year commitment are encouraged to apply.  

The hospital is also looking anesthesiologists for either short-term contracts or tenure-track positions.

Please contact Prof. Joshua Shemer, Chairman, Assuta Medical Network & Assuta Ashdod University Hospital at or call +972-3-764-4040.
2001 Beacon Street ~ Suite 210
Boston, MA 617-232-5382