We are very excited to announce that the medical director of Swiss Bionic Solutions is coming to Portland in May!  Dr. Lukas Barwitz will share the latest research on PEMF as well as presenting this technology from the perspective of an MD.  For our owners outside of the Portland area, we will follow up with a link so that you may also hear his presentation.  

As PEMF becomes more mainstream, the volume of information online grows, making it difficult to discern how much is marketing and how much is fact.  It will be refreshing to hear the science of PEMF as Dr. Luke helps us understand why this technology affects our health in such significant ways.  

There is no charge for this event but registration is required.  Doors open at 6:30 on May 30 at the Crowne Plaza in Lake Oswego.   Click here to reserve your seat  We encourage you to bring a guest - they will thank you!

Through the end of April, Swiss Bionics is offering the Professional iMRS for the price of the Wellfit (basic unit).  This represents a savings of $1,770.  Please share with your friends and family and we will send you a $200 referral fee if they purchase.  Thank you for spreading the word!  

Pulse On!


I want to remind you that we have an "Owner" section on our  website which contains back issues of this newsletter, helpful videos and more.  In addition, we encourage you to follow any or all of the following pages on Facebook:  Healthy Spaces,   PEMF News, and . MRS Community Portland  We encourage your questions, comments and testimonials in an effort to promote interaction among followers.  In addition, each newsletter has a resource section at the bottom so be sure to scroll down and take advantage of this helpful information.  We recognize that you made a big investment in your iMRS or Omnium and we are committed to providing continuing education so that you can make this investment in your health pay off for a lifetime! www.HealthySpacesNorthwest.com  

Warranty Issues and Repairs 

Swiss Bionics has implemented an online repair system and owners are encouraged to submit their own requests for quicker service.

You must have your Customer ID which is located on your invoice, and your Serial Number, located on the back of your console or tablet.  If you cannot find your ID, there is a place to request it when filling out your ticket.  You will then briefly describe your problem and submit your repair ticket.

We are always happy to help troubleshoot your device first, and if we determine that a repair is necessary, we can assist in submitting the repair order.  We are finding, however that it is most efficient if you do it since the office will communicate directly with you to arrange a repair or replacement.  

Helpful Websites
  • www.pemfassistance.com  - Hermina Danneil's membership site - highly recommended for healthcare professionals and owners who desire indepth information.
Informational Books
  • Magnetic Resonance Stimulation - Maximizing the Field by Dr. Joel Carmichael  Available for $155 from Dr. Carmichael's office (303)290-8342
  • Power Tools for Health - What PEMFs do for You - William Pawluk, M.D. - available on Amazon or from Dr. Pawluk's website
  • PEMF: The Fifth Element - Bryant Meyers - available on Amazon
  • Healing is Voltage - Dr. Jerry Tennant, M.D. - available on Amazon
  • The Body Electric - Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D. - available on Amazon
  • Practice of Magnetic Field Therapy - Dr. Christian Thuile, M.D.
  • The Healthy Conscious Traveler- Dr. Robyn Benson- available on Amazon
Social Media Sites
  • Healthy Space
  • MRS Community Portland 

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