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We’ve ALL made the mistake of bringing home things that we don’t use, but that doesn’t mean we have to live with those “mistakes. ”

Here’s a dramatic illustration: I once visited a new client who kept, in her bedroom, a full rack of all the clothes she’d purchased that were too late to return. These were the first things she saw each morning when she woke up! So EVERY DAY started with a reminder of all those “mistakes.” Of course it would have been great to return these items but, at this point, her only mistake was holding on to them. 
You may not have a rack that holds all the things you regret purchasing, but I would wager that you are holding on to things you aren’t using – things that are just taking up your space and probably irritating you every time you look at them.

Here’s the interesting thing I’ve learned: When my clients let go of these “mistakes, ” they no longer think of them! I can’t think of a time when a client said they regretted letting go of something. 

Below are some examples of my own “mistakes,” which I am getting rid of. What are you holding on to that it’s time to let go of?

This sweater looks terrible on me! It’s way too bright for my skin tone, the fit is unflattering, and it’s itchy! I wore it once (so I can’t return it) and it’s been sitting in my closet all winter. I’m annoyed each time I look at it, and it’s going!
I found these on the DSW sale rack for 70% off, and in my excitement over the good deal, I didn’t think about how bad they looked on me. They come up to a height that makes my legs look terrible. Buh-bye!!
This candle is way too strong for me. It gives me a headache whenever I burn it, and yet I keep trying as if the next time the result will be different. Goodbye, candle!

I chose to take this after my grandmother died and all the grandkids were selecting items of hers as a remembrance. This had sat on her coffee table, and I had fond memories of eating the​ hard candies she kept there. I’ve NEVER displayed it, and it’s been sitting in my closet for OVER 30 YEARS!!! I’ve taken a picture of it and it’s leaving!!

In each of these cases, I held out the hope that suddenly something would change, and these items would work for me. But, of course, that wasn’t the case. I know that the only thing I’ll be missing is the feeling of regret each time I look at them.

Again I ask -- What are you holding on to that it’s time to let go of? If you need help letting go, just let me know and I will help you to be brave and say goodbye to your “mistakes.”
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