Don't Forget Giving Tuesday Today!
#GivingTuesday is TODAY
Paul, the office cat, tells his story
Hi, my name is Paul and I live at Bellwether Harbor. I’m not available for adoption. I’m too valuable for that. I run the back offices and keep the bookkeeper and development director motivated. My job, as I see it, is helping to raise money to keep the other cats and dogs fed, healthy and encourage people to adopt.
People think because I am an old cat (15+ years) with some potentially-fatal renal issues that I don’t have any influence or a reason to be. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. I’ve been known to type quite a story as I dance across the keyboards giving the employees inspiration to get the work done. In the afternoons, people think I’m asleep on my bed next to the computer screen. I do my best work when my eyes are closed but if they slack off, even for a minute, I’m back on the keyboard.
Why am I telling you my story? Nov. 28 is #giving Tuesday and we could really use your support. My research has found that donations made to Bellwether Harbor through this link  could qualify for matching moneys from some computer genius’ foundation with a name of Gates. The small print is that the donation needs to be made starting at 8 a.m. Tuesday until the money runs out.
Please consider giving. I’m a finicky eater as you might have guessed and my food is expensive. They have no hope to recoup my expenses and I get free reign of an office, a recreation area complete with couch and people seeing to my every need at least twice a day even on the long Thanksgiving holiday.
Please help support me and the other cats and dogs that want to go to a forever home. Bellwether Harbor has become my forever home and while I try not to let the employees know, I love them very much. It is a choice that I am able to live out my days here with people who love me in return.
Thanks for giving! Love, Paul

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