December 13, 2019
Doing Exercises While Using Your
Sonic Vibration Machine
Greetings, Thank you for all your positive response to our Newsletters. We love the feedback and hearing from you. We keep adding more and more of you as Demo Locations, and sending out more brochures and brochure holders helping to spread those good sonic vibrations. I’ve even had several phone calls from some of you Sonic Viber’s and it was such a pleasure to connect.

A question that comes up quite often is about doing exercises while on the Sonic vibration machine. You will experience some dramatic changes over time by just standing on the plate and doing absolutely nothing but just standing and experiencing your body going up and down at 3G at various frequencies. We do know that this increases cell zeta electrical potential, and it is moving fluids at warp speed, and it is increasing circulation and oxygenation to the body. However, if you want to increase muscle, and burn fat at a much faster rate you can...
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Featured Sonic Vibration Locations!
Woodlands Medical Group, Prosper Texas
Vanessa Evans got lured to Texas by the promise of staying home with their two-year-old son when her husband Jeremy Evans attended Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas. Dr. Evans knew from the get-go that he would own his own practice after having worked in a chiropractic clinic during high school.

The Evans started out doing straight chiropractic. However, they found that when they'd refer patients out for simple medical interventions, that MD would send them to physical therapy and they wouldn't see their patient again. That's when...
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Sonic WBV Tip of the Day
This time I have to go with trying some isometric contractions while using the Sonic machine with various corresponding muscle frequencies. This would also include trying to maintain a Kegel contraction for as long as possible. Remember the higher frequencies have lower compression factor, and the lower frequencies have a higher compression factor. It’s all a matter of mass in motion. 
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