MAA Circle
The weather is heating up and so is MAA!
It is not too late to apply to submit your dossier to Philippines this year! MAA has one slot still available! A family would have to move quickly to have their dossier submitted by 12/31. Healthy, beautiful toddlers are available! Please contact Katie Shultz if interested!
We have been planning and preparing for months, and the moment finally came.  Our host kids are here !! Be sure to follow our blog and Facebook page to get to know the children over the next several weeks. While they are busy having fun, we’ll be busy advocating for them! Interested in learning more? 
Visit our website , or email Misty Lucas .
A sibling group of 4 sisters from Eastern Europe is waiting for their forever family. We have access to their updated information, as well as recent photos and videos. If you are interested in this beautiful quartet
please fill out our Prospective Adoptive Parent form and one of our team members will respond promptly.

Jacki, 15
Jacki is kind, well-mannered and sociable. She freely interacts with both children and adults. She likes sports and often participates in different sport activities. She has won 15 medals!
Yvette, 11
Yvette presents as timid and diligent. She respects authorities and asks for adults’ permission when necessary. In her spare time Yvette likes watching cartoons, dances and draws. 
Darlene, 9
Darlene respects authorities. In her spare time, Darlene likes watching cartoons, dancing and singing. She is a follower and often listens to her older sister’s opinion. 
Allison, 11
Allison presents as well-mannered, timid, sensitive and insecure. She is sociable and is able to lead a dialogue with both peers and adults. 
If you are an Illinois family, come join our staff, other adoptive families, and the Colombia hosting children at our annual hosting picnic/adoption reunion!

August 11th
Cowden Community Park in Cowden, IL 10:30-1:30

Families need to pack their own picnic lunch and drinks. There will be water games so please bring a towel and change of clothes for your children. We look forward to seeing you!
These three gorgeous sisters are currently in Illinois and being advocated for by an awesome host family! Daniela is a very sweet girl who enjoys listening to music and dancing. She could do that all day! Dayana is outgoing and full of energy. She likes sporty clothes and is very athletic. Camilla is sweet and sometimes shy. She likes to play and laugh a lot. All the girls have a great sense of humor and there is never a dull moment when you are with them! They all have great dispositions and respect authority. They are sweet and very polite. They are praying for a family who will love them and keep them together forever! If you are interested in meeting or learning more information about these beauties, please fill out our Prospective Adoption Parent form and one of our team members will respond promptly.
...and a reminder for Delaware area families!
Brandywine Creek State Park
41 Adams Dam Road
Wilmington, DE 19807
*Please note there is an $8 fee per car to enter the park. Dollar bills appreciated!
Meet Stover.  He is all smiles. All the time. Not to mention flexible. Adaptable. Loving. Caring. Helpful. Brave. And ultimately, he is desperate to be part of a family. Stover is here in the US for two more weeks via our hosting program. Read more about him here!
Madison Adoption Associates was represented at the 61st National LPA Conference in Orlando, FL this July by our very own Diana Bramble! During her time there she was able to break bread with amazing LPA representatives, present an adoption seminar, and attend the LPA's Got Talent Show, all while connecting with MAA families that were also in attendance. It is truly an honor for her and she is already looking forward to next year!
See who came home in July!