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The creative mind is at times a challenge to live with.

I was lying in bed about to fall asleep, and the words "Puzzle Pieces" came into my mind from something I had read earlier. I suddenly felt a poem coming on. Really. Sort of like feeling a cold coming on, but without the congestion. I said to myself with a sigh, "May as well get up and find some paper. A poem is on its way."

It arrived and here it is:

Jigsaw Puzzle - by Cheryl O

Jigsaw pieces
All in a jumble.
Laughter spilling
Bits of life's tumbles.
Wasting, but no!, it's treasuring time.
Shredded bits of sadness all
Left behind.

Puzzle pieces
Falling in place
The more that fit in
The more holy this space.
Loving the lifescape. In love with the colours.
Finding friends who puzzle too!
Loving others.

I was sure
That blue went there.
Wrong again.
Preconceptions? Hot air.
We lost the lid. We did not know
The heart rending beauty that life
Could grow.

Jigsaw puzzle
Almost done.
When the picture is finished
I must run.

I want to say thank you to each of you who take the time to let me know you enjoy these newsletters. You make this worthwhile!

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Happy Puzzling Everyone!
Cheryl O
Today's Quote:

"That which is done with love, is done well."
Vincent van Gogh
Happy Valentine's Day!
And Happy Day After Valentine's Day also known as chocolates-cost-a-lot-less day.
True Love
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