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Instead of hurrying ......SLOW DOWN!
So often we are in a hurry-run off to work, dash to the store, make it in time to pick up the kids, squeeze in some time at the gym-and so it goes. Are our pets ever in a hurry?   Probably not (with the exception of kittens who seem to be in a constant state of dashing to and fro).   But generally, if we study our pets, they take things cautiously and slowly. We could learn a lot from them.

Over the past several months, I have had to meet with families who, due to rushing from one place to another, forgot to take an extra few seconds to check and see that their pet was safe. Whether in the path of a car in the driveway, walking into an open pool gate or forgotten in a hot car, with just a few extra seconds of attention, these pets would still be alive.  

So as much as we all want to hurry to get to the next place, take a few seconds and visually check on the safety of your pet. Make a conscious effort to notice that they are not in harm's way before you leave your home. Save yourself the needless agony of wishing -if only I'd slowed down and looked.


Sleek and smooth, these cats are the definition of cool.  Whether you prefer the kitty peering over its shoulder, the kitty sitting tall and aloof, or the kitty all tucked up laying down while gazing over its domain, these cats convey the essence of cool.  Each pose can be obtained in either Midnight black or Arctic white.  Coolness is an attitude and these lovely kitties will remind you of your beloved "cool" cat.
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Deb Chebatoris
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