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How To Help A Grieving Pet
Pets often grieve the loss of their "siblings," their humans, and their homes in a similar way that humans would grieve such a loss. You may see your pet being more withdrawn, acting depressed or hiding more. Sometimes, particularly with the loss of their human, your pet may decide to stick to you like glue, afraid that you may disappear as well.

While many animals don’t like change in general, they can transition to their "new normal" with unconditional love and support from you. Below are some helpful suggestions to help your pet through their grieving process.
  • Watch her/his actions closely. If your pet is avoiding places that may smell like the sibling or person they are grieving for, clean those places, or remove any items that may keep them feeling the loss. On the other hand, if he/she seems to be seeking comfort in those places, there is no hurry to clean up those items.

  • Keep her/his routine the same as usual. Too many changes in the household on top of the grief can cause stress, fear and even illness to your already anxious, grieving pet.

  • Spend quality time with your pet. Sit by him/her, talk in soothing tones, pet or brush your them, and reassure them that you are not going anywhere and neither are they. Offer treats, toys and other distractions to help them come out of mourning quicker.

  • Try calming remedies. Adding herbal calming remedies (approved by your veterinarian) to your pets diet may help ease their feelings of sorrow and loss.

  • Check your emotions. Pets can be very sensitive creatures and pick up on our emotions. If you are also grieving deeply, they are likely to grieve the loss harder.

  • Seek veterinary help. If your grieving pet seems to be stuck in grief for a long time, and/or is acting sick or refusing to eat, take him/her to your vet at once to prevent serious consequences. Your vet can also prescribe medications to ease your pet's feelings of sadness.

The most important thing you can do to help your grieving pet is to simply shower them with the love and affection you always have.

*Adapted from: Behavior, Catster Magazine, 2018

Pet Memorial Sunday
When a person dies, relatives and friends show their support by attending the funeral or memorial service. Losing a beloved pet is one of life's most painful experiences and yet our society does not offer a grieving pet owner some type of recognized ceremony to help acknowledge this loss. Pet owners often feel isolated in their grief and are without the support they so desperately need, and it raises the question, "Why don't we have funerals for our pets?"
Recognizing that need, Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation hosts a Pet Memorial Sunday event for those who are suffering such a loss. Over the years, families have found a great deal of comfort participating in this unique service as they pay respect to their beloved best friend.

Along with speakers who explore end-of-life issues and the process of grieving, we also present “Words of Tribute” written by families to commemorate and remember the live, special pets. A release of white doves symbolizes our ability to let go of our precious companions.

Participating in this memorial, you will be surrounded by others who understand and sympathize with the grief you are experiencing in a loving and comforting atmosphere.

Our Pet Memorial Sunday event will be held on
Sunday, September 8, 2019
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Save The Date
Saturday, November 2, 2019

Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation will be sponsoring a
Pet First Aid Certification Class at the Bridgeville Library.
Watch for our September Newsletter for more information.
When you want something more....

Sometimes a plain wooden box urn is exactly what suits the memory of your pet. However there are pets and families that want just a bit more.
Here are some ideas for embellishments ......
Bronze Beauties
This monotone series depicts breed specific resin figurines that can sit atop a beautifully crafted walnut veneer urn base. The pet figurine is manufactured in Italy and is permanently attached to the base using stabilizing pins and adhesive. Most popular dog and cat breeds and a few other favorite household pets are available.
Sleeping Cherub
This special angel is filled with love and blessings. Approximately 6” in width, this adorable figurine brings a touch of Heaven to any horizontal surface including an urn. Sure to melt your heart and bring a smile to your face, this sleeping Cherub will make the perfect addition to your beloveds resting place.

Girl With Cat Figurine
This adorable figurine of a young girl cuddling her cat is sure to tug at your heartstrings. This cold cast figurine (polymer and bronze additive) measures approximately 3” X 5”. This figurine does not hold cremains but is meant to embellish any flat top urn that you may choose.
Bronze Sculpture With Bronze or Wooden Base
An outstanding collection of sculptured urns that express the emotions of a special relationship and say, “We will always remember.” Crafted from bonded marble and wood resins and finished in a bronze patina, these works of art were specifically designed to depict the everyday moments of love between pets and their humans.
The base of each sculpture can accommodate a small amount of cremains or the entire statue can be mounted atop a bronze or wooden urn.