🥂 Whats New With Me in 2018 🥂
Dear Friends,

How many of you start of the New Year with the best of intentions? Me too!!
I feel this year though will be different then years past, as my intentions have now become more pure, simple and heartfelt. I have released expectations and things I can’t control from my plate and have opened that space up to endless possibility.
I have come to realize and appreciate the small moments more now then ever before and I am grateful for my everyday blessings.💕
My 2018 Goal:
~ Keep It Simple so I Can Create A BIG IMPACT ~

gina 💋
💕 MY WHY 💕
Meet my daughters, my business partners and a couple of the many difference faces of Rodan + Fields!
What if...
What if you can could work from anywhere, anytime, and on your schedule?
My daughters have harvested the power of social media and networkingy to grow the top levels of the company, all while achieving Dean’s list college academics.
Amber is an advanced level equestrian and works from the top of her horse. Kara works between school and a successful job at a winery.
MOMS - This is the best gift I could have ever shared with my girls. To be their partner, their friend and their mentor brings a whole new element to our relationship. Giving them the gift of empowerment, time freedom and the ability to work from where they want when they want and to live their lifes on their terms speaks volumes. This so much more than just a skincare company!
Join Us
Join our Sonoma County Grapevine Team for a Rodan
Fields® Busines Presentation featuring special guest speakers and Kelly Tarapani | U.S. Senior Region Manager From the R+F
Home Office and Myisha Procter, Filed Learning Directer Home Office. Hear how you can redefine your future by launching your own business on your own terms. Discover what’s possible when you comybine acclaimed global leaders in skincare will th an innovative business model and clinically proven anti-aging products. Create your own journey with R+F’s Life-Changing Skincare™ .

Gina Pearson. 707-484-1506. gina@ginapearson.com
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