Speaking from Discovery
A playshop for any body that loves to move

Do you drop in deep while you're dancing ...
only to find yourself getting "heady" or "going above the neck" once you start to speak? 

Would you love to feel as authentically connected ...
to yourself and others when you're talking -- as you do when you move?

Have you ever started a sentence ....
and felt yourself disconnect?

If yes, come play!
a playshop for dancers
and other bodies that love to move
with Aileen Hayden

at The Boulder Circus Center
 4747 26th Street

Saturday December 2
1 - 4 pm

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No experience required.  Come play!
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Explore what it means to speak ... inarguably
The cash value of speaking inarguably is....  it stops arguments!

And beyond that?
Speaking in a way that cannot be argued with creates connection, fun and flow.

But how do you do it?

We'll dive into improvisational dance to get our juices flowing first.  No experience required.  Come play.

Then we'll use that opened energy and body intelligence to explore simple interactive tools that generate:
  • fun

  • ease

  • a "blame-free" diet

  • language as an extension of your physical self

Based on the work of Gay and Katie Hendricks, authors of Conscious Loving, Conscious Loving Ever After, Conscious Living and The Big Leap, and directors of The Foundation for Conscious Living.

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  • or mail a cheque made out to Aileen Hayden to:
    2688 Fremont St / Boulder / 80304 (include your email address, and I'll send a confirmation)
take 2! (or 3)

Speaking from Discovery is part 3 of a 3-part series

October 7: What The ULP?
November 4: From Fear to Flow
December 2: Speaking From Discovery

each part stands alone - and also informs the others
enjoy one -  or two - or three

Hi!  I'm Aileen.
Hi!  I’m Aileen. 

I’m a dancer, teacher, writer and lover of feeling alive. 

  • I love play, especially physical play and expression with my body. 

  • I love easy, and getting curious about how I choose hard, and how I can easily choose easy again.

  • I love clear communication and expressing in ways that match what I’m actually experiencing inside.

I’ve been learning for decades from yoga and dance. Then, three years ago, I took a big leap into something more: 100% responsibility for the results I create.  AND willingness for that to be fun and easy.  To play my way through, instead of working hard.

Wanna come take a big leap with me?

Reach me at:
  Aileen Hayden  has been teaching improvisational dance since 1993, in Montreal, Philadelphia, and across Saskatchewan.  She holds a B.A. and a B.Ed. (but not while she's dancing) and is a certified  Kripalu  yoga teacher, certified Big Leap coach, drama teacher and spontaneous goofball.  She graduated a year ago from the two-year  Leadership and Transformation program  of The Hendricks Institute.  And she loves to dance!
Aileen Hayden / 720-360-8595 / info@bearsandbirds.com