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Yes, they Do!

New research reveals that Aqua Detox ionic footbath creates an electromagnetic healing field. This is a very exciting discovery in the cutting-edge field of energy medicine.

One of our tried and true treatments at InnerMovement is the Aqua Detox foot bath. We have used this cleansing technology since 2004 and we stood by its clinical effectiveness even when the naysayers balked. But now cutting-edge research has just been released that contains the secrets of why foot baths work!

Simply put, all water naturally has minerals. Minerals in water become ionized or electrically charged by either gaining or losing electrons. Ions (charged minerals) in our Aqua Detox Foot Bathwater create 70 millivolts of charge. The ions hold a charge that enables them to bind to heavy metals and toxins, similar to how a magnet works. This allows toxins to be pulled across the tissue of your feet. 

In addition, Dr. Tennant author of Healing is Voltage (2010), an expert in the physics of electromagnetic healing fields, explains that it takes 50 millivolts of electrical charge to heal injured tissue and also make new cells. So 70 millivolts give you a lot of healing power. According to Dr. Tennant, the less charge on the cell, the more degeneration occurs. Improving the charge fires up the regeneration & detoxification processes. (read full newsletter for more info)

For the doctors at InnerMovement, this research is electrifying!

We want all of our patients to be healthy . . . and we are excited to share this new research confirming Aqua Detox foot baths electromagnetic healing benefits.

On your next visit...ADD A FOOT BATH :)

Dr. Heidi & the InnerMovement Staff
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The Ionic Foot Bath Experience
While sitting relaxed in a comfy chair you place your feet in a tub of warm water. An “array” sitting between your feet in the water generates positive and negative ions that your feet absorb. Ions are electrically charged molecules. So we are using the body's physics (electrical aspects) and biochemistry for regenerating cells.

Ionic Foot Baths Power up Detoxification
Dr. Klinghardt’s research project elucidated what the body can do when the cells and organs get recharged. He had a lab measure the amount of 20 toxic metals in the foot bath's water at the session's beginning and end. He found an increase of toxic metals in the foot bath's water at the end of the session.
But then he went even further in this research project by having the subjects collect urine and stool samples each day for 5 days after each ionic foot bath. The greatest excretion of toxic metals via the kidneys rose dramatically 3 days after a single 30-minute session. Therefore he recommends that very sick people only do a foot bath every 3-4 days to prevent overloading the kidneys and other detoxification pathways.

Ionic Foot Baths: Powerful Chelator
It’s fascinating that the ionic foot baths unleash powerful detoxification abilities on the body. Especially since for years Dr. Klinghardt taught many physicians the techniques of detoxifying the body with various chelating medications that grabbed the toxins and held onto them tightly until they were ushered out of the body via the kidneys and bowels. So it’s amazing that now in his work and teaching in Germany, ionic foot baths are found to be as effective as EDTA, DMPS, glutathione, D-penicillamine, and all other chelators.
Protect your tissues during the detoxification process
Since the mobilized toxic metals can cause oxidative damage to the kidneys and elements in the blood, Dr. Klinghardt recommends supplementing with vitamin E and garlic to protect the tissues, especially the third day after the foot baths.
The Lymphatic System & Lymphatic Drainage Massage
a message from Gary Casias, CMT
specializing in Lymphatic Massage & Myofascial Therapy at InnerMovement

What's the most powerful system in your body that you have likely never heard about? The lymphatic system is. The lymphatic system involves an extensive network of lymph vessels, over 600 lymph nodes, and lymph, a clear fluid containing various types of white blood cells.
Before the excess fluid leaked from the cardiovascular system into the body's tissues has been returned to the veins it is examined by white blood cells for fungus, viruses, bacteria, and foreign materials in the lymph nodes so our immune system can address pathogen harm. The lymph vessels work with the veins to return excess fluid in the tissue back into the cardiovascular system. Other lymphatic tissue includes the spleen, tonsils, thyroid, bone marrow, and thymus.
If you have chronic pain or illness such as Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, IBS, Crohn's Disease, etc., you may benefit from a lymphatic massage.

I can help assess your candidacy for a lymphatic massage by asking questions about your energy level, depressed mood, degree of allergies or food sensitivities, sluggish digestion, bloating, constipation, difficulty losing weight despite the effort, concern about puffy eyes, or skin problems. If you do have these types of concerns; a lymphatic massage can be a powerhouse for your wellness and recovery in conjunction with Myofascial Release, a hands-on technique that works to relax, lengthen, and realign your fascia.

The reason this therapy is so effective is that, unlike the blood, lymph fluid has no central pump. This means that we rely on the motion from our muscles for the lymph fluid to move. Interrupted lymphatic flow can lead to a build-up of toxins in the system. My technique moves the lymphatic fluids through the lymph nodes in order to improve the circulation of lymph fluid, leading to optimal excretion of waste material. 

If you are feeling hopeless, tired, fatigued, have poor concentration, and overwhelmed with a lack of progress in your recovery set up an appointment with me for a natural therapy that can help improve and restore the optimal functioning of your lymphatic system and help get you back on track to feeling like yourself again.

Yours in health,
Gary Casias CMT
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