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As a reflection of ASI's commitment to diversity, both in terms of human and nonhuman animals, our amazing design volunteer, Natasha Saraf, has created new ampersands to update our logo. Since September is Happy Cat Month, we're debuting this version, which we think is fantastic! Keep an eye on ASI's website and social media pages to see more of Natasha's designs in the coming months.
Our latest book in the  HAS Book Series  has just arrived!
Fish, Justice, and Society by Carmen Cusack is an in-depth look into the fishing industry, fish, and aquatic environments. This book delves past the façade of what may be known by the average fisherman, bringing to the surface new information about numerous species and aquatic habitats. It is the most comprehensive book on the subject of fish, law, and human behavior. It is a standalone work, but complements Cusack’s Fish in the Bible (2017). It is a treatise on the subject of animal law while also serving the common fisherman information on compliance issues. For more information, and to buy the book, see ASI's website . 
T he Animals & Society Institute (ASI) continues to provide critical resources to make communities safer and more compassionate for people and animals alike. In 2016, we launched brand new intervention programs for animal maltreatment offenders. Sadly, most people who have abused or neglected animals receive nothing more than a small fine. Courts simply don't have viable alternatives to increase accountability and reduce the likelihood that offenders will repeat the behavior. ASI is working to change that. Recognizing the need for interventions that are tailored to the circumstance of the abuse, we have created new programs that address a critical gap in sentencing alternatives designed to reduce recidivism.

Last year, Syracuse, NY, was the first jurisdiction to pilot BARK, (Behavior, Accountability, Responsibility, and Knowledge: An Intervention Program for Animal Maltreatment Offenders)™, our 16-week group program for misdemeanor animal maltreatment offenders. The program served 14 offenders and feedback from the participants suggests the program changed both hearts and minds, providing those who participated with new skills and insights that will improve their interaction with animals. In addition to running BARK again this fall in Syracuse, we are pleased to announce that Rochester, NY, will also be piloting the program.

Our Human-Animal Programs Director will be talking about BARK on October 12th during a presentation at the Humane Society of Greater Rochester’s day-long conference, The Link between Animal Abuse and Human Violence: Solutions for a Safer Community . If you’re in the Rochester, NY, area, please consider attending. You can learn more and purchase tickets here .
Need to get rid of a vehicle? Want to help support the work of ASI?  Vehicle Donations to Any Charity (V-DAC)  accepts any kind of vehicle: cars, trucks, motorcycles, RV’s, boats, airplanes, heavy equipment, farm machinery, etc. Click on the logo or call
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