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Is the ideal organizational culture a “family” or a “team”?

When I’m on an intake call with a client prior to launching a new search, we spend much time discussing the company’s organizational culture. I ask them to describe it to me. Often, I’m told, “We are more a family than a typical employer / employee environment”. We all understand what that basically means. The employer and leadership strive to genuinely take care of their employees. They treat their employees with respect and empathy. Take an active interest in their lives outside of the workplace and often engage in social activities and have fun. 

Distribution Job Opportunities

Counter Sales – Las Vegas - 4918

Purchasing Manager – Las Vegas - 4921

Building Automation Sales – Eastern US - 4952

Branch Manager – PA - 4953

Commercial Quotations - TX - 4957

Commercial Project Manager - TX - 4958

Industrial/OEM Inside Sales - TX - 4959

Switchgear Quotations – FL - 4968

Regional Sales Manager - Multi Family Housing - 5006

Utility Sales Manager – FL - 5009

Outside Sales - VA - 5014

Outside Sales - CO - 5036

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Meet Our Recruiters

President / Executive Recruiter

Brooke Ziolo has been with Egret for 15 years and purchased the company 4 years ago. She focuses on lighting, lighting controls, LED’s, SSL, etc.


Executive Recruiter / Senior Partner

Pati Kelly has been with Egret for 11 years. She focuses on wire & cable, tools, fittings, cable harnesses, pipe, connectors, conduit, datacom, etc.


Executive Recruiter / Senior Partner

Rob Wieska has been with Egret for over 8 years. He focuses on Power Distribution (switchgear, panelboards, switchboards, transformers, ATS, circuit breakers, controls, etc.), Automation Technologies (including generation products, smart grid, building automation and controls manufacturers) and Renewables (including wind, solar, battery / energy storage, EV Charging, Microgrid applications, and other emerging technologies).


Cass Dahlem
Lighting Manufacturing & Rep Agencies

Jim McGregor
Lighting & ESCOs

Jacque Nelson
Lighting manufacturing & Design Firms, Lighting, LED, Lighting Design, Lighting manufacturers

Colin Wieska
Cybersecurity, IT (hardware and software), Controls, Embedded Software, IoT and IIoT Technologies