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Letting go of a toxic employee, even if they’re a top performer

Toxic employees have a negative impact on your team. They can disrupt team dynamics, lower morale, hurt productivity, increase turnover and disrupt company culture. But what if that toxic employee is a top performer? While the toxic employee may bring value and revenue to your organization, the damage created does not justify keeping them. By the time you consider letting your high performing, toxic employee go, you’ve probably had many conversations with them about their behavior and likely created an action plan for improvement. If the person isn’t willing to change their behavior, or incapable of doing so, it’s time to sever ties. This is especially true when this person is long tenured. Don’t be afraid to take action.
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NAILD Annual Conference Dallas, Sept 17 – 20
Brooke and Jacque will be there. Set a time to meet them!

If you plan on attending the NAILD Convention in Dallas, Brooke Ziolo has a presentation on September 18th, Session 5. The subject is Hiring and Retaining Employees:
She will explain the labor shortage issues in 2023. There are still roughly 3.5 million workers “missing” from the workforce, according to Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. How do you find your needle in the haystack when there is already a deficit in job seekers? And once you have them, how do you create the environment to make them stay?
Meet Our Recruiters

President / Executive Recruiter

Brooke Ziolo has been with Egret for 15 years and purchased the company 4 years ago. She focuses on lighting, lighting controls, LED’s, SSL, etc.


Executive Recruiter / Senior Partner

Pati Kelly has been with Egret for 11 years. She focuses on wire & cable, tools, fittings, cable harnesses, pipe, connectors, conduit, datacom, etc.


Executive Recruiter / Senior Partner

Rob Wieska has been with Egret for over 8 years. He focuses on Power Distribution (switchgear, panelboards, switchboards, transformers, ATS, circuit breakers, controls, etc.), Automation Technologies (including generation products, smart grid, building automation and controls manufacturers) and Renewables (including wind, solar, battery / energy storage, EV Charging, Microgrid applications, and other emerging technologies).

Cass Dahlem
Lighting Manufacturing & Rep Agencies

Jim McGregor
Lighting & ESCOs

Jacque Nelson
Lighting manufacturing & Design Firms, Lighting, LED, Lighting Design, Lighting manufacturers

Colin Wieska
Cybersecurity, IT (hardware and software), Controls, Embedded Software, IoT and IIoT Technologies