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Friday, June 17, AD 2016
Between Friday, June 10 AD 2016 and 
Friday, June 17, AD 2016,  the bid prices for:
Gold rose 1.9 % from $1,273.30 to $1,298.10
Silver rose 1.1 % from $17.28 to $17.47
Platinum fell 2.3 % from $991 to $968
Palladium fell 1.8 % from $542 to $532
Crude Oil fell1.3 % from $48.90 to $48.28

US Dollar Index fell 0.5 % from 94.61 to 94.16

DJIA fell 1.1 % from 17,865.34 to 17,675.16
NASDAQ fell 1.9 % from 4,894.55 to 4,800.34
NYSE fell 0.9 % from 10,446.10 to 10,347.90
S&P 500 fell 1.2 % from 2,096.07 to 2,071.22  

"Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold
if the market shut down for 10 years." --Warren Buffett 

"If the markets shut down for 10 years, what investment would you dare to hold-- 
other than gold"? --Alfred Adask

Fed delays rate hikes, cites labor market concerns

by Alfred Adask
On June 15 th, Yahoo Finance reported :
"The Federal Reserve pushed back its plans to raise its benchmark short-term interest rate, a widely expected move following a series of mixed US economic reports.
"After a two-day policy meeting, the Federal Open Market Committee unanimously voted to hold the federal funds rate between 0.25% and 0.50%, citing weakness in recent employment data."
That "weakness" was a surprising jobs report that, although economists had generally expected about 162,000 jobs to be created in May, only 38,000 jobs were actually created-"the  lowest level in six years." 
" Although the unemployment rate has declined, job gains have diminished," the central bank wrote in its statement.
Say whut?  Does it make sense that the "unemployment rate declined" at the same time that the number of "jobs gains diminished" from an expected 162,000 to just 38,000?   I won't say that's impossible, but it seems odd that even though expected "job gains" fell by 76% from 162,000 to an actual 38,000, the unemployment rate continued to decline.  
If the unemployment rate really declined, it sounds more like 124,000 people (who were expected to have new jobs) simply disappeared from the unemployment rolls.  They didn't get jobs.  Instead, they were simply deleted from unemployment calculations.
Result?  Unemployment rates fell mathematically, but not actually.
"For the second time, the Fed withheld mention of global economic risks and provided no assessment of the balance of risks, implying that officials are still keeping their options open for an interest rate hike this summer. . . ." 
So the Fed is still "keeping their options open," are they?
It's important to have "options" because, so long as one has "options," one has power--power to choose.  When one has no options, he is, by definition, powerless.
Therefore, is the Federal Reserve really trying to "keep its options open" for raising interest rates this summer?  Or is it trying to keep the "illusion" of "having options"--and therefore still having power and control over the economy? 
Even if it were true, the Federal Reserve could not publicly admit that it is powerless to provide additional remedy for the ailing U.S. and global economies and that, therefore,  there's no chance that they'll raise interest rates this summer or even this year. 
To admit that the Fed has no "options" is to admit that the Fed is paralyzed, impotent, and powerless to cause positive change in the economy.
If the Fed were powerless, the Fed would implicitly admit that it had become irrelevant.
We're told that in our debt-based monetary system,  the value of the fiat dollar depends on public confidence.  Is that confidence inspired or diminished by a Federal Reserve that has no options and therefore no power?
*  More, when the Fed claims to be "keeping its options open," what are we talking about?  Raising interest rate to 5%?  7%? 
No.  We're talking about the option/power to raise interest rates by another one-quarter of one percent-a lousy 0.25%. 
Yes, 0.25% may be an "option," but if it is, it's like having the "option" to blink your eyes or wiggle your ears.  Technically, that might be an "option," but it's also a triviality and hardly an evidence of power.  Insofar as  0.25% is a triviality and the Fed couldn't even raise interest rates by that trivial amount on June 15 th, doesn't that signal that the Fed's power is also trivial to the point of being almost non-existent? 
If the Fed were truly powerful, it should be able to walk in the door, holler "Listen up!"  and arbitrarily raise interest rates by several percent.  But the Fed can't even raise interest rates by another 0.25%.  That inability does not inspire confidence.  That inability suggests that the Fed may now exist less as a "great power' than as an dying illusion.
*  Yes, the Fed still claims to have "options," but that claim may be false and intended more to inspire false confidence in the Fed's power.  The Fed is figuratively saying, "Ohh, we could raise interest rates if we wanted to-but we choose not to."  But I don't think that's true.  I don't think the Fed could've chosen to raise interest rates on June 15 th.  I don't think it had any choice-and that implies that the Fed has no power.  The Fed's inability to raise interest rates by a lousy 0.25% is evidence that the Fed doesn't really have an option and therefore doesn't really have any power.  
This suggests that the Federal Reserve may have lost so much of its former power that it's now nearing the end of its usefulness and life-expectancy.  The "emperor" is not merely seen to be nude-he's also seen to be a frail, weezing old man on life support who may not last much longer.

Government and the Federal Reserve-In the End, can there be Only One?

by Alfred Adask
You might remember Highlander-an A.D. 1986 film that starred Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery.   The film described an ages-old battle between "immortal" warriors.  Its tagline, "There can be only one", meant that all of the various "immortals" were destined to fight and kill each other until only one "immortal" survived.
In this article, I'm exploring the hypothesis that our two institutional "immortals" (the Federal Reserve and U.S. government) are destined (like Highlander's "immortals") to fight each other until only one remains. 
Conventional wisdom tells us that the Federal Reserve and U.S. government work hand-in-glove and without fundamental conflict.  However, when you stop to think about it, it appears that the current relationship between these two institutions should be so fundamentally adversarial that, in the end, only one can survive.
Debtors love inflation since it allows them to repay their debts with "cheaper" dollars.  Almost every American who's bought a new home since WWII has been encouraged to take out a 20- or 30-year mortgage by the promise of being able to repay their debt with "cheaper" dollars.  Inflation is the force that renders dollars "cheaper".
For example, if I were to borrow $100,000 over a period of time when there was 10% inflation, I'd repay $100,000 but those $100,000 would have only $90,000 in value (purchasing power) as compared to the $100,000 I initially borrowed.  I'd be repaying my debt with "cheaper" dollars.  That would be good for me, but bad for the creditor that loaned me the $100,000.  My creditor would receive only $90,000 in purchasing power in return for the $100,000 in purchasing power that he loaned me.
Inflation favors debtors and robs creditors.
Inflation destroys fiat dollars. 
We see evidence of that destruction in the fact that, since the dollar became a pure fiat currency circa A.D. 1971, the fiat dollar has lost over 95% of its purchasing power.  Inevitably, it will lose 96%, then 98% and finally 100%.  Reduced by 100%, the dollar's purchasing power will be zero and the fiat dollar will be useless and therefore dead.
I'm going to postulate that, since the Federal Reserve's primary (only?) product is fiat dollars, the Fed doesn't want its dollars to be destroyed.   If the fiat dollar dies, the Fed will also be useless and therefore also die.
It follows that the Fed should have a vested interest in preserving the fiat dollar.
Therefore, the Fed should be opposed to the inflation that will ultimately render its fiat dollars worthless and the Fed useless.
*  Deflation destroys debtors.
Deflation is the opposite of inflation since deflation increases the value/purchasing-power of the fiat dollar.  That increase can bankrupt debtors since they're forced to repay their debts with fiat dollars that are increasingly more valuable. 
For example, imagine a man who could just barely afford to borrow $100,000 to invest in his business during a time of 10% deflation.  He'd be forced to repay the equivalent of $110,000 in purchasing power.  If he couldn't afford to pay that extra 10% in purchasing power, he'd be forced into bankruptcy-by deflation.
The U.S. government is the world's largest debtor.  As such, the U.S. government is thesingle institution most vulnerable to bankruptcy caused by deflation.
Therefore, the U.S. government has a vested, vital interest in avoiding deflation.
Conversely, the overly-indebted U.S. government has a vital interest in causing inflation since inflation allows debtors (including government) to repay their debts with "cheaper" dollars. 
Again, imagine that I borrowed $100,000 during a period of 10% inflation.  When I repaid that $100,000 principal it would only have $90,000 in purchasing power as compared to its purchasing power when I first negotiated the loan.  Inflation is great for debtors but terrible for creditors.
Like all debtors, the U.S. government should want inflation.
Like all creditors, the Federal Reserve should want deflation.
*  No one destroys anything that's growing more valuable.
Deflation causes fiat dollars to become more valuable and thereby increases the fiat dollar's life expectancy.   Given that the Federal Reserve's only product is fiat dollars, the Fed should have a vested interest in causing deflation.  
Similarly, as the world's biggest debtor, the U.S. government has a vested interest in inflation (which reduces the real value of the National Debt).  Therefore, the Federal Reserve and U.S. government have diametrically-opposed interests and are therefore adversaries rather than co-conspirators.
*  In the past few months, the Federal Reserve has said repeatedly that the solution to current economic problems must be fiscal (government-based) rather than monetary (Federal-Reserve-based).  The Fed has repeatedly said or implied that there's nothing else they can do to heal the economy.  According to the Fed, it's now all up to government to devise a "fiscal" remedy (adjust tax rates and/or increase government spending) for our economic malaise. 
Other than implement some crazy idea like negative interest rates, the Fed's monetary policies had only two mechanisms for stimulating the economy:  1) lower interest rates; and 2) increase the currency supply.  When the Fed declares that there's nothing else that it can do, are they expressing a matter of mathematics, or a matter of conflicting special interests?
If inflation "stimulates" the economy but also destroys the fiat dollar by reducing its value/purchasing power to zero-and if the fiat dollar is the Fed's only product-it follows that the Fed has a vested interest in preserving the fiat dollar and therefore causing deflation rather than inflation.
Yes, since A.D. 1971, the Fed has acted against its own interests by causing inflation.  But the fiat dollar has lost 95% of its purchasing power.  There remains, at most, only 5% of the dollar's original value to lose to inflation.  That's not much of a margin for error.  If the remaining 5% in purchasing power is destroyed, the dollar dies.  This implies that the Federal Reserve can no longer participate in causing inflation and probably explains why the Fed has repeatedly said that there's nothing else it can do to "stimulate" the economy.  The Fed can't cause much more inflation without destroying the fiat dollar and the Fed, itself.
*  Given that inflation allows debtors (including the U.S. government) to repay their debts with cheaper dollars, the U.S. government has a vested interest in causing inflation which will repudiate part of the government's debt.
However, if inflation, ultimately destroys the fiat dollar and, thus, the Federal Reserve, while simultaneously reducing the U.S. government's debt and thereby preserving that government from overt bankruptcy-isn't it obvious that the relationship between the Federal Reserve and U.S. government must be fundamentally adversarial?
More inflation (to supposedly stimulate the economy) will destroy the fiat dollar and, ultimately, the Federal Reserve.  However, that same inflation will allow the U.S. government to rob its creditors, repudiate its debt, avoid bankruptcy and thereby survive.
Government wants and needs more inflation.
The Fed wants and needs more deflation.
"In the end, can there be only one"?-the government or the Federal Reserve?
I think the answer must be Yes.
*  Through most of the past century, the Fed should've represented its own interests (as a major creditor) as well as the general interests of all creditors. 
Throughout most of the past century, the U.S. government (world's biggest debtor) should've represented its own interests as well as those of the nation's debtors.  During much of that time, the Fed-vs-government struggle maintained a rough " balance" between the competing interests of creditors and debtors.  Neither side profited so excessively that it destroyed the other.
However, in the last two or three decades, we became a "consumer" (debtor) economy and government became the world's biggest debtor.  During that time, whatever "balance of power"  that previously existed between the Fed/creditors and the government/debtors has shifted to favor government/consumers/debtors so excessively that American creditors are in danger of being destroyed.  This is particularly true during the last seven years of the Obama administration when the National Debt doubled in order to "stimulate" the economy.
As evidence, look at what the likely result of our monstrous National Debt.  It's too big to be repaid in full.  That means it won't be repaid in full.  That means the debtor-government that borrowed all of those funds must cancel most or all of the National Debt by open repudiation or by inflation-or suffer a national bankruptcy.  In either case, most of the government's debt will be repudiated, canceled and rendered void. 
It also means that creditors who loaned the wealth to the government in return for a gen-u-ine U.S.-issued, paper debt-instrument (U.S. bond) are going to lose their assets.  These creditors include banks, the Federal Reserve, institutions like pension funds and private individuals who are "safely" invested in U.S. bonds.
Those creditors will be robbed by insolvent debtors in general and the U.S. government in particular.
*  Given that most Americans are debtors (consumers) rather than creditors (producers), most people might cheer if the National Debt were repudiated.  However, what will all those cheering debtor-consumers do when they learn that when the debt was repudiated, their creditors were destroyed and there's no longer any paper capital left to borrow? 
Once the creditors are wiped out and government can no longer borrow to feed its dependent consumers, those dependents will start to starve.  How long will the poor welfare-recipients and wealthy subsidy-recipients have to go hungry before they realize their only means of survival will be by violence or by hard work at depression-era wages? 
Even if the debtor-consumers resort to violence to steal whatever the remaining producer-creditors have of value, how long before even the debtor-robbers realize that, without producer-creditors, they will also soon starve? 
I.e., if the debtor-consumers rob farmers of theri crops this year and even steal his seed for next year, there'll be no crops next year and both the farmer-producers and the debtor-consumers will starve.   
My point is that the only escape from our debt-based debacle and from government policies that excessively favor debtor-consumers, is for each of us to start working again.   Working hard.  Working for little profit-at least initially.  Becoming, once again, a nation of producers (and then creditors) rather than a nations of consumer-debtors
If we don't return to productivity, our standard of living will continue to fall, our life expectancy will shrink, and we'll simply die and make room for the next influx of immigrants able to produce more than they consume. 
*  In the meantime, the Federal Reserve claims that its "monetary policy" (altering the currency supply and the rates of inflation or deflation) can do no more (can't safely cause any more inflation) to "stimulate" the economy.  In doing so, the Fed has arguably refused to participate further in death-by-inflation of the fiat dollar, in the destruction of American creditor-producers and in the destruction of the Fed, itself.  
Government, on the other hand, insists that it must have more inflation to "stimulate" the economy-but also to stealthily repudiate some of the value of the National Debt.  
Implication:  We're watching the fundamentally adversarial relationship between the Federal Reserve and the U.S. government devolve into a "civil war" between the nation's consumer-debtors and the nation's producer-creditors.
*  One last point:  during the last seven years of the Obama administration, the National Debt has doubled.  That doubling is evidence of the lost balance between the government and Federal Reserve.  It's also evidence that the Federal Reserve has been very nearly destroyed (sacrificed, if you prefer) by the U.S. government.
This implies that:  1) the much-maligned Federal Reserve may be more of a victim of government than a co-conspirator; and 2) the Fed's role and powers are inferior and subordinate to those of the U.S. government.
In the end, there can be only one-either the inflation-dependent U.S. government or the deflation-dependent Federal Reserve.  Either too much inflation will destroy the dollar and the Federal Reserve, or too much deflation will bankrupt and destroy the U.S. government.
Neither institution is truly "immortal".  For now, however, it appears that the fiat dollar and Federal Reserve are on the brink of being sacrificed to save the U.S. government.  If so, creditors are approaching a moment of ruination.

The scientific community and the pharmaceutical companies have been designing a very different route to vaccinate masses of people and animals. The argument we've presented with from science is that with regard to aerosol vaccinations it targets the route of infection. An example they give is any pulmonary disease whether it is influenza or tuberculosis. We're also told by the scientific community that in such instances, the vaccine by spraying it into the air for people to breathe in offers a scientific advantage of permeating the lung tissue (mucosa) with full coverage within two breaths. I've mentioned this new branch of aerosol vaccines before but a broader picture may shed more light on this very disturbing topic.
The concept of crop dusting the entire planet with a vaccine is the brain child of Barry Bloom, PhD, Dean of Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard bioengineers David Edwards and Yun-Ling Wong. These three came up with the aerosol nano-microparticle TB (tuberculosis) vaccine. Currently, 100 million children globally receive the injected version of the TB vaccine.
According to the US National Library of Medicine and National Institute of Health, they are in favor of exploring the option of spraying specified populated areas where disease such as TB (tuberculosis) is a problem. The WHO stated in 2015 that we have 8.6 million cases of TB globally generating 1.3 million deaths. They also state that there is a myco-bacteria of TB that has infected a third of the global population and creates a 10% risk of a full-blown outbreak of TB.
We're told that it took the pharmaceutical industry 13 years of cultivating the myco-bacterium of TB in cattle in order to make the human TB vaccine called bacilli calmette-guerin (BCG) in 1974. The industry states that although this vaccine is given to children, it may not offer protection of pulmonary TB in adults and revaccinating increases the risk of adverse events. Therefore, the industry has been back to the drawing board to come up with a new TB vaccine for children and adults that is "more robust" and offers "a strong cell-mediated immune system response." When a vaccine is not fast-tracked past extensive testing it can take five or more years of expensive efficacy trails before obtaining approval. There are two candidate TB vaccines currently in Phase II testing in Germany and South Africa. Both contain dangerous recombinant proteins (also called fusion proteins) as adjuvants, (which means contaminated vials of vaccine with bacteria). Under Phase I tests the vaccines contained four additional bacteria (adjuvants). Pharmaceutical scientists testing the vaccine in serum form with intramuscular vaccination state that they were "well tolerated" by human subjects. Doctors and researchers are trying to design a TB vaccine for those already infected with the TB pathogen. It has long been understood that if you have the TB pathogen in your body that you should not get the TB vaccine due to a risk called the Koch phenomenon (death by TB vaccine). When they think they have gotten around this risk they plan on making a TB vaccine for HIV patients too.
Since TB is an infection normally breathed into the lungs from contaminated droplets coughed out by someone with tuberculosis, the aerosol vaccine seems like a good idea. Therefore, the primary route for this infection is the pulmonary and infecting the lungs. Scientist theorizes that an aerosol TB vaccine would be more efficient than the serum injected version.
A report by Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News stated that the global vaccine market is in the billions of dollars and the WHO report confirmed that in 2016 vaccines will net $56 billion. Depending on the production method for making a vaccine, it can significantly influence costs. According to the research, the aerosol versions of vaccines do not require trained medical professionals to administer them. The deployment of the aerosol vaccine depends on the size of the population. Therefore, facilitating deployment of vaccines could be by plane such as in crop dusting or some other plane or individually with a drone or with a small nebulizer such as what asthma patients use. The aerosol versions of vaccines offer the pharmaceutical companies potential savings with regard to field testing in animals and humans. Distribution is much more economical as well. The powdered versions of vaccines don't need refrigeration and are transported in lightweight containers compared to the serum version in refrigerated glass vials. 
" be able to administer a vaccine with an aerosol is cheaper, faster and more acceptable to children - no sharp injury." Dr. Gregory Poland, Vaccine Research Group Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minn.
Scientific research has exposed a safety concern on the aerosol delivery of vaccines. There seems to be a problem when vaccines are delivered to the body via the intra-nasal route. Since 2009, the scientific community and pharmaceutical companies have known that using aerosol vaccines which are genetically altered (mutant) agents called cytokine (such as GM E-coli for an adjuvant) cause facial paralysis  known as Bell's palsy (source: PloS One and PubMed publications 2009). This occurred when using the aerosol version of the flu vaccine called NasalFlu. The aerosol vaccines with adjuvant are called "heat labile toxins" in the industry. This facial paralysis also occurred when testing the aerosol HIV and TB vaccines. Scientists state they don't know why the paralysis happened. However, research continues in developing an aerosol measles vaccine, which we're told is much stronger than the injected vaccine. The aerosol measles vaccine has been tested on herds of animals we're told with great success. The aerosol measles vaccine has been tested on South African and Mexican schoolchildren declaring it to be safe. The pharmaceutical companies making the live pathogen aerosol influenza vaccine called LAIV have received new licensing for next year's flu season. They are seeking licensing for the TB aerosol vaccine after testing it on mice, pigs, guinea pigs and monkeys. Testing shows that aerosol vaccines penetrate into the blood system faster than the serum injections. Autopsies of animals given the vaccine shows that TB bacteria are in the lungs and the spleen. This alone should give anyone pause because an aerosol is the fastest way to poison, infect or change cell DNA. However, the industry has their sights set on a whole new generation of aerosol vaccines for every disease including heart disease, diabetes and cancer.
According to an April 2015 article in Forbes Magazine, they reported on a trail using the aerosol measles vaccine on 2,000 school children in India. The study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The report said the aerosol vaccine did not work as well as the serum version. Specifics on any adverse events were not listed.
According to Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News, the pediatric vaccine marketplace is just the beginning now that attention has been turned to the "overlooked vaccine care for adults." According to their report, the vaccine industry is one of the biggest growing industries in the pharmaceutical industry even though news outlets say otherwise. For instance, this industry grew by 11% in 2015 selling nearly $28 billion in vaccine product. According to the Global Health Vaccine Center of Innovation and the Disease Research Institute, it costs approximately $500 million to bring a vaccine to market. Therefore, the vaccine industry is looking for cheaper and faster ways to make vaccine products. Financial experts state that the vaccine sector of the pharmaceutical industry showed a revenue growth overall of 10 times the other products produced by pharmaceuticals. The projected growth for vaccine products is expected to expand at an annual rate of 7.6% through 2022. The vaccine machine treats both human and animal and currently 56.6% of the vaccines are for children. The pharmaceutical industry hopes to make the adult vaccine marketplace as lucrative as the pediatric one. In Africa, India and other poor countries vaccines are tested and now the vaccine projects are to blanket entire communities with vaccines. No doubt, villagers who are uncooperative will not have a choice with the aerosol vaccinations dropped by airplanes. The next phase for the influenza and pneumonia vaccines is to go to mass population aerosol and much of this will be sponsored by government funding. Specific controls are lost with this mass treatment as the aerosol will treat those already vaccinated with those who are not.
We've heard of numerous reports of disease outbreaks on college campuses involving students that have already been vaccinated against the disease. According to Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News the vaccine industry has an explanation for that. They report that a series of co-morbidities such as asthma, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, gastrointestinal disease, hypertension, sleeping disorders and obesity are said to reduce the effectiveness of vaccines. A study at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas reported the overweight or obese students impeded the effectiveness of the vaccine because the needles on the syringe did not penetrate deep enough. You can decide if you want to believe that.  
The fact is that TB is now drug resistant. If you do contract it naturally or from a TB vaccine you will have few options with modern medicine. There are however some very powerful medicinal herbs that inhibit the TB bacteria. Not only do they inhibit the bacteria but they also strengthen and heal the respiratory system. These herbs promote an expulsion of the mucus secretions from the lungs and removes the infection. The herbs are; Echinacea root, comfrey root, slippery elm, mullein, chickweed, marshmallow root and lobelia.
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The superior doctor prevents sickness;
The mediocre doctor attends to impending sickness;
The inferior doctor treats actual sickness;
Chinese Proverb
When you think about healthcare in general, people accept and do what they believe to be true. In a majority of cases where people switch from scientific healthcare to the nutritional form it involves an important moment with serious impact. For me it was when my child negatively reacted to vaccines. Fortunately God was with me and my child made a full recovery from vaccine-induced encephalitis when we quickly used immune system herbs. I know my child would not have recovered without the herbs. My life path changed after that and I became an herbalist. I felt that herbs were the best kept secret and I asked myself why? Why can't the people of Europe have free access to herbs or talk among themselves about herbs for fear of arrest? It is because herbs have healing power and as God has revealed, "Herbs are here for the service of man" (Ps 104:14). As you know, God cannot lie. Call Apothecary Herbs for immune boosting and toxin removal herbal formulas. These are certified organic, whole-food supplements and can help strengthen the body and heal from; female problems, insomnia, depression, anxiety, lack of energy, bone issues, cold & flu, cardiovascular issues, arthritis, headaches, prostate issues, smoking addiction and a lot more. Call now for a free product catalog and take the power back 866-229-3663, International 704-885-0277 , where your healthcare options just became endless. Money saving coupons on their website. Register at checkout to qualify for reward points and save! Take advantage of the Father's Day Special and Save 15% on orders of $65+ with Code: MYDAD16. Hurry! Expires 6/20/16!

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