Living by faith is a life of new experiences everyday. This past month, we were excited that our two CCI classes finished their education and joined in one graduation ceremony in western Laos. We all were blessed. Lao and Bru church leaders, who are the students of CCI met, celebrated, made commitments and were ready to press on together to finished the Great Commission in their own region and throughout the country.

We, as the team of teachers and CCI workers, are so proud of their successful education. We did our best to disciple these pastors and church leaders to become disciple makers.  And we hope these disciple makers will make their own local churches become a disciple-making church. We always thank God for this; it is not our strength, nor our power. It is the Holy Spirit and the power of your prayers; prayers of our friends and donors who support us. As the body of Christ, without you this task is not easy to complete. We all are in the same process of this great mission!