A Note from Scott and Marsha
October 8, 2020
What a beautiful and glorious weekend we had a few days ago in the garden! We are so thankful for amazing weather and our fabulous Garden Center staff that buzzed through last weekend like a well-run honeybee hive! Our pumpkin elves are killing it. As they say in the work out world, Sun's/Guns out cause my chicken wing arms aren't nearly as flappy. Ok, well, maybe that is an exaggeration because they are still flapping a tiny bit. But I swear I'm stronger than I was four weeks ago.  

We wanted to give you an update about Dan and Sally, our nextdoor neighbors who lost their home in a house fire. All the permitting has been completed and you know what that means: 3, 2, 1 and ACTION!  RestorePro has kicked in high gear and materials are being ordered, the house is being cleared out, and the renovation has commenced! We can't wait to share with you the in-progress photos so that you can follow along, especially those of you that graciously donated to the GoFundMe page for them.  

They are both doing well. Sally is still continuing her treatments and we pray for complete recovery. Dan WAS riding around on his just a year old lawn mower pulling his little trailer. Notice I said WAS. Why ,do you ask? Because someone decided to break into his shed and steal his mower, his favorite thing to do, since they moved down the road for this season while they rebuild.  I don't even have words that I can publicly say.  Who does that? Highly doubt the person is reading my newsletter. All I know is that was the one thing that entertained Dan and kept him busy at 88 years old. For the person who stole it? SMH. I'll let you fill in the rest in your own mind.  

We persevere. We will continue updating over the coming months. If you haven't visited their GoFundMe page or wish to donate and help them as we continue to raise money for the things they will need, click here. We are just under our initial goal and we know there will be added expenses we haven't even planned for just yet.  

Beyond this: 3, 2, 1 and action! That's your cue for flying into the garden for all your fall decorating needs--pumpkins, corn stalks, dried corn wreaths, as well as all your green needs are here for you as well as our smiling faces even though you can't see them! Every single one of you makes our hearts smile. Happy fall!  
The Garden Center is now open at 10am on Sundays.
The Potting Shed opens at 11am.
Get your green, pumpkins, mums, and mimosas an hour earlier!
See you Sunday!
Anthurium is a popular houseplant for many reasons. It may be most popular for the lovely blooms that grace the plant for months at a time. Blooms can be white, pink or red. Anthurium are also easy to care for and maintain. To enjoy the most blooms, you will want to keep it in bright, indirect light. Water when the soil is dry to the touch. Overwatering will cause root rot and no one wants that.
For a tree that has fall and winter interest, look no further. The Paperbark Maple is loved for its namesake--the bark. The exfoliating bark is a reddish-brown color that will add beauty to your fall and winter landscape. The fall foliage hues can vary, but you will most likely enjoy a bronze color. New foliage growth in spring and summer is almost blue. Snatch up this gorgeous ornamental tree for your landscape.
Now is the time to get your bulbs in the ground. The soil is perfect for planting, and if you work now, you can enjoy spring color next year! We have daffodils, tulips, crocus, hyacinth and more. While some bulbs will come back year after year, your best chance at ensuring spring color is to go ahead and plant bulbs now. These bulbs will sell out quickly, so don't wait! Get your bulbs today!
On Friday, October 23, 6-9PM we will have live music from the award-winning acoustic guitar duo, Melonbelly. If you have been aching to get out and do something fun on a Friday night, this event is for you! The music will be down by the pond, so there will be plenty of room in our green space to spread out for social distancing. Come hungry and thirsty because we will have food trucks and The Potting Shed will be open. This family-friendly event has limited space due to social distancing guidelines, so don’t wait to register! We only have 2 VIP sections remaining. We can’t wait to enjoy music in the garden with you!
On Saturdays and some Sundays through October 24, we will have food trucks to enjoy! Pair a yummy meal with a cold beverage or treat from The Potting Shed, and you have the perfect combination for a fun fall afternoon. Enjoy here, or pick up a meal to take home after picking out pumpkins, pansies and mums at the Garden Center! Who loves fall?? See the Food Truck Schedule here. :)
Tuesday, October 13, 6:00pm-7:00pm
Whether your goal is to recover an old, overgrown shrub or to maintain a new planting, seasonal care is critical to a healthy rosebush. In this class, we’ll discuss some region-specific rose needs, basic disease prevention and how to prune and mulch for winter dormancy. The cost is $20 and includes a pair of pruning shears. Space is limited so register today!
Presenter: Sunshine Jull/FGS Register here today!
Saturday, October 17, 10:00am-11:30am
How do mosquitoes find us, why do they bite us, and what exactly are they? Learn how certain practices in our gardens can cause us to have more of them, how you can prevent that, as well as natural ways to control them. Leading this class will be Chris Hayes, a Research Assistant with the Department of Entomology at NC State. There is no fee for this class.
Presenter: Chris Hayes/NCSU Register here today!
We are a week into October! Have you gotten your to-do list done? Thankfully, the cooler temperatures will help these tasks feel less like a chore and more like a privilege!

Is there a spot in your lawn or landscape that is an eyesore? You can screen it with the right shrub! If you aren't sure which shrubs are best for screening, we're here for you. Check out this post for suggestions!
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