ECI has partnered with DirtTime to provide online training with key courses and special deals for EnviroCert candidates.

DirtTime is offering a 30% discount to all Certified Professionals with current and up to date certifications.

Please view the promotional video provided by DirtTime at the video link below:
Dirt Time
ECI is endorsing two video courses as a “prerequisite” source of hands-on (as close to an actual field training as the “video-centric” education platform will allow) workshop experience.

Both video courses provide the same basic curriculum and are enhanced by the filming and editing of events at the actual workshops conducted at the Shasta College Erosion Control Training Facility (ECTF).

Upon completing the 8 Professional Development Hour (PDH) Course (The Best of the BMP Summit) or the 5 PDH Course (The ABCs of BMP INSTALLATION) the candidate will take a test and upon receiving 70% grade the candidate will get a Certificate of Completion.
The Best of the BMPS Online Training Course with John McCullah:
The ABCs of BMP Installation Promo:
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