Happy New Year!

I'm excited to announce a new way to reach your friends, family, donors, prospects and customers: Send Out Cards!

There's a power in using marketing channels that are less busy. Direct mail is one of them. You know how great it is to get a card or letter in the mail - well, imagine how good someone you send a birthday note/thank you for assistance/referral, etc. will feel - fantastic! The cool thing about Send Out Cards is how easy it is to use - everything is automated - you can send out a thank you card (which a photo printed on the card!) in one minute. No fussing with stamps and envelopes - that's done for you.

The possibilities are endless: Mail drip campaigns; schedule mail to go out in the future; adding gifts to your cards like delicious brownies; using a variety of formats (postcards/cards, etc.) and so much more!

I've sent out 8 cards so far (and I'm having a blast with it!). I look forward to using this service for the rest of my life. Have a look and see what you think. Questions, let me know.

I hope you're having a great Spring => Summer. I'm available to help you with your marketing - just send me a note or give a call. 

Take care,

Albert Kaufman, Albertideation
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Good through the end of June 2017

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