22 February 2024

Dear Friends,

Grace and peace be with you! 

I believe the collaboration among the Dioceses of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont is a gift from God, and we will continue to collaborate not only for the sake of efficiency, but also because by doing so, we can join God to imagine what might be possible for God’s mission.


When the Bishop of New Hampshire, Rob Hirschfeld, and I first spoke about the possibility of Canon Tina Pickering serving in both dioceses we knew it was a “bold, new thing.” We also knew that it was an experiment. I was keenly aware that he was giving the Diocese of Maine a gift, and in Tina, I had a partner who immediately set to the task of building a diocesan staff, and supporting all of us in our call to be faithful. Since March of 2023, Tina’s faith and warmth, along with her vast knowledge and experience, have made all of us more responsive and more creative.


But it’s not possible for anyone to have two full-time jobs, in two different states, without compromising health and wellness. And so, it’s time for Tina to resume her primary call to be canon to the ordinary to Bishop Rob, and for the Diocese of Maine to call our own canon to the ordinary who will build upon the beautiful work Tina has done.


As good decisions often are, Tina’s decision to return her focus solely to New Hampshire was hard, and it’s best. She and her husband, Matt, will continue to spend time at their home in Waldo, and their life at St. Margaret’s in Belfast will flourish. And with the talent, skill, and grace of the newly configured diocesan staff (see below) we will keep up the work of giving God thanks for the charisms of our diocese, and trust that the best is yet to come.

With prayers and gratitude,

The Right Reverend Thomas J. Brown
Bishop of Maine

Dear Episcopal Diocese of Maine,

It has been an honor and a joy to be called into ministry with Bishop Brown and with you as Canon to the Ordinary. We always knew it was a holy experiment—a chance to build a bridge between two diocesan staffs and to embody our desire to work collaboratively together. And by that measure it has been a resoundingly successful experiment!

Since I began my work with the Diocese of Maine on March 1, 2023, we have said goodbye to a handful of long serving and valued staff members. Transitions can be rocky, but the existing team at Loring House, aided by the addition of the Rev. Suzanne Roberts, Acting Transition Minister, and the Rev. George Cooper, Interim Director of Finance, stepped into the gaps. This small but valiant team overhauled and updated financial, tech, and administrative systems, planned diocesan-wide listening sessions, supported the Loring House Task Force, and hosted convocation, convention, and pre-convention meetings.

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Meet the Diocesan Staff

Susan Sherrill Axelrod

Director of Communications


The Rev. George Cooper

Director of Finance


John Hennessy

Director of Public Advocacy


Emily Keniston

Director of Faith Formation


The Ven. Aaron Perkins



Teresa Pinney

Director of Engagement


Sherri Quint

Accounting Manager


Lauralee Raymond

Executive Assistant to the Bishop


The Rev. Suzanne Roberts

Transition and Deployment Officer


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