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Signage ONE delivers revenue - Guaranteed.

Digital signage in schools offers a cutting-edge and innovative approach for generating income while enhancing the learning environment. By leveraging interactive displays, video walls, and dynamic content, schools can transform traditional bulletin boards into revenue-generating assets.

Let Signage ONE show you how to turn your TVs into Cash!

Advertisements from local businesses, community events, and educational conferences can be displayed, creating partnerships that benefit both the school and the advertisers. Signage ONE utilizes digital signage to promote your school's events, fundraisers, and initiatives, reaching a wider audience and increasing engagement. This symbiotic relationship not only boosts the school's budget but also fosters a sense of community involvement and support.

Embracing digital signage as a source of income opens up endless opportunities for educational institutions to thrive in the digital age while maintaining their core mission of imparting knowledge and enriching young minds. Signage ONE further enhances school funding and provides a great platform for PTO and Booster organizations to fund through community exposure, and creating instant donation opportunities via QR codes. Not sure how to get started, contact us today!

For one low monthly fee, Signage ONE includes:

Our team at Signage ONE does all the work. No need for Graphic Designers. We create and manage the content - you just sit back and reap the benefits.

Local businesses in your school's area such as restaurants, retail stores, and service providers, would be eager to captivate the audience of students, parents, and staff for promotion and partnership in the community. Additionally, community organizations and non-profits may seize the chance to raise awareness about their initiatives or upcoming events, using the school's widespread reach to engage with the local population. Educational institutions, such as nearby colleges or universities, could also utilize your digital signage to advertise open houses, scholarships, or academic programs, connecting with prospective students directly.

If you're struggling to get your message out, Signage ONE can help! By implementing digital signage, your school will generate additional revenue to support educational programs and more, with lower costs than TV, Radio, or print.

Foster relationships with small businesses nearby through advertising, while also communicating important events and announcements to students and parents in your community with engaging content that can be customized to your brand and tracked with measurable impact.


Using digital signage is an effective way for schools to raise money by increasing awareness, engagement, and support from the community. Here are some strategies to achieve this:


Use digital signage to promote upcoming fundraising events such as charity drives, auctions, fun runs, bake sales, and other activities. Display event details, dates, and donation instructions to encourage participation.


Acknowledge and show appreciation for donors who have contributed to the school. Recognize their generosity on digital screens as a way to encourage others to follow suit and create a culture of giving.


Highlight student accomplishments, projects, and success stories on digital signage. When parents, friends, and community members see the positive impact of their contributions, they may be more willing to support the school financially.


Partner with local businesses and display their logos or advertisements on digital screens in exchange for their financial support. This can provide businesses with increased visibility in the community while generating funds for the school.


Launch crowdfunding campaigns for specific projects or initiatives. Utilize digital signage to direct people to the campaign page and display real-time progress updates to encourage more contributions.


Use digital signage to keep alumni informed about school news, events, and ongoing projects. Engaged alumni are more likely to contribute financially to support their alma mater.


Allow local businesses or individuals to sponsor messages or announcements on digital screens. The revenue generated from these sponsorships can be directed toward school fundraising efforts.


Incorporate QR codes or website URLs into digital signage content to make it easy for viewers to make online donations directly from their mobile devices.


Integrate social media feeds on digital screens to showcase the school's active online community. Encourage followers and visitors to share and support the school's fundraising efforts through their social networks.


Ensure that your digital signage content is engaging and visually appealing. High-quality visuals and compelling messaging will capture the attention of viewers and increase the effectiveness of fundraising campaigns.


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