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Mexico's TV Revolution: Delayed or Derailed?    
Mexico's goal was to supply nearly 10 million digital TV sets to low income households by December 2015, all while shutting down analog TV transmissions. The National Action Party has requested a delay in the transition, while the head of the Secretariat for Social Development insists the December deadline will be met. Learn what is realistic and what a delay could mean to Mexico's telecom reforms.
Why Repacking Spectrum is an Old Fashioned Job
The upcoming U.S. spectrum auction in the UHF TV band could result in as many as 800 to 1,200 broadcasters trying to move to new channel assignments at the same time. This will undoubtedly cause significant congestion as they compete for resources. Learn how DTC's recent study showcases why the process of repacking the spectrum is still an old fashioned and complicated job.
HEVC: Can OLED Challenge LCD LED for UHD Supremacy?
LED LCD 4K sets are today's blue-ribbon offerings. But is OLED next and, more importantly, how will its high-quality display technology impact the overall TV market?   Find out if OLED will challenge current LCD UHD supremacy. 

DTC Conducts Extensive Study on TV Spectrum Repack
DTC conducted an extensive repack transition study, laying out a blueprint for what it will take for hundreds of broadcasters to move to new channel assignments. DTC's research concludes it may take up to 11 years and cost $2-$3 billion. The U.S. terrestrial TV industry is embarking on a complicated and expensive transition as many broadcasters will move to new channel assignments after the TV spectrum auction is complete. Our DTV Transition team is uniquely prepared to help broadcasters, MVPDs and mobile carriers design and implement transition plans.
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