Vol 3, Issue 1, March 4, 2021
Hamilton's Labour Market Connection
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In this week's edition: WPH Local Labour Market Plan 2020; Apprenticeship Spotlight!; Construction Industry fears skills shortage; Canadian's sheltering in their current employment; Hamilton's Labour Market Update; Hamilton LMI Dec 2020
Did You Review Hamilton's Local Labour Market Plan?
Workforce Planning Hamilton takes great pride in releasing our latest Labour Market Plan. The LMP is the result of Workforce Planning Hamilton’s evidence-based planning process that documents
Hamilton’s current labour market conditions and creates a plan that captures key labour market issues and priorities.

Our Local Labour Market Report looks at the labour market in 2020 and reveals the top trends. This includes tracking news stories in the local media and reviewing any reports that we have developed or other research conducted by community partners. We also review the latest statistics available through Statistics Canada and review this information and how it aligns with and enhances local intelligence gathered through our own employer networks. Finally, we check in with local employment service providers to understand how these conditions are impacting the clients that they serve and how those clients are faring in the local economy.

This year eight indicators are also added in the appendix that tracks the labour market in the medium term. Many of the indicators are also incorporated into the report.

Welcome to Apprenticeship Spotlight!

We are hosting a new segment in our newsletter to elevate the conversation on apprenticeships and to continue to support skilled trades employers through these challenging times.

WPH has done a lot of research and projects with the focus on Apprenticeships and the skilled trades. There is a skills shortage in our communities coupled with an aging workforce in the skilled trades creating the perfect storm heading towards hiring crisis if we do not focus on solutions for skilled trades workers locally.

This segment will feature real life experiences of local skilled trades workers, employers, and apprentices; labour market information regarding skilled trades in our community; news and articles related to apprenticeships and skilled trades; and local initiatives that support the skilled trades and apprenticeships in Hamilton.

Skilled Trades Spotlight: David Currie

David graduated from the Mohawk College ASEP program in 1993. During his career he has worked at many GM dealerships in the Hamilton, Halton area most recently working for Mercedes Benz for the past 14 Years in the capacity of Technician and for the last 4 years as Shop Foreman. David has now worked for at Mohawk College for approximately 3 Years, teaching in both the Post-Secondary and AST programs. Most recently he is involved with “The Hub” at the Stoney Creek campus promoting skilled trades to future Mohawk students, as well as being the past chair of the Motive Power advisory committee. The advisory board meets with industry professionals to help both guide and gauge industry wants and needs. David have a passion for the automotive industry and always look forward helping students succeed in a very rewarding and lucrative career choice.

David's story is another great example of how working in the skilled trades has provided an excellent career pathway into other interesting roles with a focus still on the skilled trades.
Skilled Trades Employer Apprenticeship Toolkit - UPDATE!

WPH developed a partnership with the Mohawk College Apprenticeship Community Hub to create a bespoke digital Toolkit for Skilled Trade Employers aimed at supporting employers during the hiring crisis in our community by providing easily accessible online information.

Earlier this week, we held a forum with over 30 local skilled trades employers to present the draft of our Employer Apprenticeship Toolkit and gather invaluable feedback from an employers point of view. We have taken on all the suggested feedback and applying the edits and finishing touches to the toolkit. Stay tuned! We can't wait to launch this amazing tool in the coming days!

Do you want to to be featured or have something to contribute to the Apprenticeship Spotlight? We'd love to hear from you! Click here to send a direct email with your information.
Construction Industry Fears a Skilled Trades Shortage
Like so many other sectors, the trades are not immune from the wave of baby boomers set to retire in the coming decade, adding urgency to the recruitment of younger and underrepresented people, those in construction say. It is anticipated that more than 257,000 construction workers will retire by 2029, and even accounting for modest post-COVID-19 growth and anticipating the entry of young workers joining the industry, the organization anticipates a shortfall of nearly 82,000 workers by 2029.

Two-Thirds of Canadian Workers 'Sheltering' in Current Jobs
68% of Canadians employees are “sheltering” or staying in their current job to prioritize a steady paycheque or benefits over career growth or work they find rewarding, according to a study done on Linkedin. Many people reported that a regular paycheque is top priority for remaining in their current jobs rather than career progression or switching jobs. And fewer than 45% report they actually enjoy their current role. The changes in the local labour market are having impacts on peoples decisions about their current work.

Hamilton Labour Force Information:
December 2020

The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the City of Hamilton, Hamilton Economic Development, and the Flamborough and Stoney Creek Chambers of Commerce, are closely monitoring and assessing new developments pertaining to COVID-19, as well as its impacts on Hamilton business.

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