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Are You Maximizing Your Massage Experience?

Take this short quiz to see if you’re a pro when it comes to receiving massage ... or whether your client skills could use a little improvement. Then, read on to become one of your massage therapist’s favorite clients and learn tips so you can get the most from your next massage session.

1. Do you take a moment to do a body-mind check-in before you arrive at your session so you know what you need and want that day?
A.  Absolutely; I know exactly what I need! (2 points)
B.  I don’t give it a thought until I walk in the door and my therapist asks me where I’d like to focus. (1 point)

2. Is your next massage appointment already scheduled?
A.  Of course. I have more than one future session on the calendar!(Congratulations! You’ve earned bonus points for this answer: 4 points)
B.  Yes, my next session is on the books.(2 points)
C.  Nope. Thanks for the reminder! I’ve been meaning to do that ...(0 points)

3. Is your payment ready in advance: check written, credit card easily accessible, or prepaid?
A.  Yes. (2 points)
B.  No, I don’t think about how I’m going
to pay until after the session. (1 point)

4. Have you recently updated your health history form with any changes to your wellness, medication, or emergency contact information?
A.  Yes, I conveyed some recent changes about a health condition that was diagnosed, knowing that it may affect how the massage therapist approaches my condition. (2 points)
B.  No need; everything’s the same!(2 points)
C.  No. I completely forgot to update my massage therapist about recent health changes. (0 points)

5. Do you speak up about your preferences so your therapist can meet your needs (about the depth of touch, pressure, the temperature of the room, music playing, etc.)?
A.  Yes, I feel comfortable asking my therapist for what I need. (2 points)
B.  No, I want to, but I never know quite what to say. (1 point)

How Did You Do?
(0–8 points) So close! You’re just a few small tweaks away from acing your massage and bodywork experience. Use the following tips to enhance your client skills.
(9–12 points) Congratulations! You’re maximizing your massage and bodywork experience. Read on to learn how to ensure you become one of your massage therapist’s favorite clients.
How to Become One of Your Massage Therapist’s Favorite Clients
More specifically, show up on time with a pretty solid idea of what you need and want that
day. It’s really wonderful for us to collaborate on an informed plan for your session
so it’s uniquely tailored to your needs that day. Even if you just do a quick check-in in the car on the way to your session to tune in to your body’s needs, that’s a win!

Massage therapists have a lot to do in a short amount of time between clients, so here are a few tips to help you help us make that the most efficient time possible.

Do: Have Your Payment Ready
Having a check mostly written out or a credit card handy not only saves time but, trust me, it’s nicer for you to not have to think at all—let alone to have to when you’re in the postmassage zone.

Don’t: Check Your Phone
We recognize that the world continued to spin while we were working together. Chances are pretty high that you received a voice mail or text message or two during the session. But the short time allotted for you to get dressed and let your therapist back in the room for your after-session check-in really isn’t the best time to check your phone. Turn your phone off or to silent mode during your session, please! While we like the  Star Wars  theme song, we don’t necessarily want to hear it as a ringtone halfway through a session (and we’re guessing you probably don’t either).

Please use our online scheduling program if we have one. It’s easier for everyone and is such a time- saver over playing phone-and-text tag. You’re also able to set up multiple appointments in advance so you can lock in the appointment days and times you want.

At the core of everything, our passion is to help you feel better by giving bodywork that is both effective and feels incredible. While we think we might know what that means, each client is beautifully different and so the only person who really knows what’s best for you is you. We rely on your honest feedback to make the experience the best it can be.
What You Don’t Like
We don’t like to hear after the fact that our client was cold, didn’t like the music, felt the pressure was too light, etc. Please tell us what’s not working while we still have the chance to fix it! The things- you-can-tell-us-about list includes (but is not limited to): a no-go body part you don’t want worked, music, pressure, scents, technique, and temperature.
What You Do Like
Please feel free to tell us what did work for you. We really like that, too, and it’s actually very helpful to know what you thought was effective and/or just felt great to you; we’ll make sure to keep using those techniques in your future sessions.

It’s counterintuitive, we know, but sometimes being helpful isn’t all that helpful. Please let us move your body parts—like your head, arms, and legs—without assisting (or resisting). It’s actually easier for us to give effective bodywork if you can completely relax. It’s OK, though, to lift your knees a little (but not a lot; I once took a knee to the chin from an overly helpful client) to help us out when we’re adding or removing the bolster.
Pro Tips for Receiving Bodywork

Do you have a love- hate relationship with the face cradle and what it does to your sinuses, cheeks, and sometimes chin?
Scooch up your body on the table so your forehead is closer
to the top of the cradle. Most clients are positioned too far down the table so their face isn’t positioned properly in the cradle.

The majority of clients end
up in some sort of diagonal position on the table after flipping over during a session, which means we have to move you around to get your body straight again (this move might be covertly disguised as a double-leg swaying-back- and-forth maneuver or a two- hands-under-the-shoulders lift-and-move technique).
After you turn, move both arms and legs out to the sides of the table. If you’re crooked, one side of the table will be a lot closer to one hand, or foot, than the other. Accordingly modify your body position. This tip is really about helping us, too, so thank you in advance!

Face Cradle Fixes
Ask your therapist to adjust the tilt and height of the face cradle. We can usually adjust it to a position that is more comfortable and helps with clogged sinuses/ runny nose issues and will keep your chin from hitting the bar. Please don’t try to adjust the cradle yourself while you’re face is in it. It’s too difficult from your body angle and that’s a perfectly awful recipe for breaking it.

Have you ever felt like you were unexpectedly plunged into a pseudo-ice- skating move when you got off the table and onto feet with a little too much lotion on them?
Wipe those lotion-y feet on the sheet (but not the blanket!) before you get off the table.

Do you hate having to put uncomfortable or restricting clothes back on after your session?
If you’re not able to wear a comfortable outfit to the appointment—say you’re coming from work—bring one with you to change into afterward. You’ll be like Clark Kent, only instead of coming out of a phone booth as Superman, you’ll be coming out of your massage session super comfortable.

Do you want to use your session time as a peaceful mental reboot, but have a difficult time clearing your mind of your to-do list, work projects, Facebook posts, and family dilemmas?
Create a personalized strategy for letting go of these random thoughts. Clients often think of a mantra, visualize a peaceful setting, or focus on the music. Find a strategy that works for you
so you’re taking advantage of every possible benefit your massage and bodywork session has to offer. 
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