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August 7, 2020
Celebrating Aging Through the Performing Arts

Let's all sing like the Songbirds sing! Did you know singing in a choir is good for you mentally and physically? Well, it was good for you physically until Covid-19 came around. *SIGH* Nevertheless, we are still celebrating the outstanding talents of our local seniors. Have you been following our weekly entertainers on Facebook? Every Saturday you can find a brand new performance or a favorite flashback from one of our 25 shows! Keep a song in your heart.

Hint for the next Featured Performer. Who is rap tap tapping on our wooden floor? It's sure not Edgar Allan Poe!

Check out our Facebook page on Saturday for the newest performer clip.
Seniors on a mission
Why do we do this? We have an actual mission!

  • To offer venues for seniors to showcase their talents
  • To remind our community of the joys of aging and the valuable contributions of seniors
  • To provide a sense of accomplishment, a connection to the community, and an outlet for imagination and fun
  • To raise money for important senior projects in the community
  • To encourage an active, healthy lifestyle for all ages

(Having fun in the process comes automatically)
Who we help / Who helps us
Did you know we were able to help the SunSmart Ames Community Solar Project? Ground breaking was just a couple weeks ago and we are so happy to be able to help the community for the long haul. Can you guess which show helped? Simply Stellar of course! Seemed the SunSmart thing to do..
Social Media and Social Distancing

We had not heard of Zoom calls a year ago, and now SVS is zooming down the road with an Instagram account, updated website, as well our presence on Facebook.
Email Envy

Do you know someone who would like these infomails? (I just made that word up.) We don't necessarily have emails for members of the larger groups that have performed or our fabulous audience fan base. Forward this to them and they can request being added to our list and getting the scoop on what SVS is up to!
Stay Safe,
Stay Engaged,
Stay Inspired