Let's Spring Forward...

Dear Friend,

This spring is for change and you know it is also the perfect time to embrace the exuberant energy of newness! Join me on March 29, at 7:00 ET to discuss and create personal leadership strategies that will allow us to sustain being women of power and grace as we journey to that unapologetic place.

Now, let's think about time.

Let's use the extra hour we have gained to nurture our own spirits. Waiting for a perfect time to start our self care and self empowerment rituals is no longer an option or an available choice.

If you want to take a quantum leap from where you are to where you want to be, then I invite you to welcome in this hope-full season with a LIVE Empowerment Ritual with me, literally before April Fool's Day!

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Spring Equinox is an astronomical event, marking the sun's point in the sky. When the sun enters Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, it's literally the START to a brand new life waiting for you, and a great time to set new empowerment goals with joyful enthusiasm. To persevere with courage, you will need tools and strategies to shift internally first.

I'll show you how.

WHEN: MARCH 29, 2023

TIME: 4:00 PT | 7:00 PM ET |

FEE: $27.00

Together, we will reflect, release, and set new intentions to consciously develop our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellness. You will gain new perspectives and understand your place in the world.

Join us LIVE to:

  • Discover how to use the true magic of Goddesses Mami Wata and Asase Yaa (Mother Earth Thursday).
  • Release disappointments, hurts, and beliefs that hold you back.
  • Understand the keys to balancing, nurturing and living your own truth.

Discuss HOW:

  • You are being heard in all relationships
  • You are being present in all relationships, and
  • You are maintaining dignity.

Together, we’ll plant seeds for personal leadership and empowerment throughout the year, enabling us to narrate stories that bear witness to who we truly are.

It’s going to be amazing!

Also because this ritual will amplify all our intentions and practices to enable us come closer to our authentic self.

Let's make it happen.

Register Here...

and invite a friend.

Let's welcome in the season with a firm commitment to transforming our lives to one that aligns with who we truly are.

Here's to springing forward in your life!

Much love,


P.S. If you've already registered, forward this to someone you love!

Mensimah Shabazz, PhD

Transformational Coach, Teacher & Author



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