May 27, 2015


Kelley Farmer Rides Mindful to Grand Hunter Championship
By: Emily Riden

Kelley Farmer earned the Devon Horse Show's Grand Hunter Championship in 2013 with Back Story; then she did it again in 2014 with Scripted, and on Wednesday she rode away with the top honor for an impressive third time in a row, this time aboard Kensel LLC's Mindful.


Winning one of Devon's top honors three years in a row is a testament to Farmer, as well as a testament to the special horses of Farmer and Larry Glefke's Lane Change Farm. For Farmer, Mindful is one of the extra special ones.  

Kelley Farmer and Mindful

The pair earned the High Performance Hunter championship at last year's Devon Horse Show, early in their partnership, and they did the same this week before Mindful was ultimately named the Grand Hunter Champion.


"He's an unbelievable animal," Farmer said. "[The Devon Grand Hunter Championship] is a nice credential for him. He deserves it."


By Wednesday afternoon, the hunt for the grand championship award had come down to a tight race between Farmer and Mindful and the 2015 Leading Hunter Rider, Scott Stewart and his Green Conformation Hunter mount, First Light.  

Scott Stewart, the 2015 Leading Hunter Rider

First Light and Mindful had each earned three wins and a second place over fences, so it all came down to the High Performance Hunter Under Saddle. First Light had finished fourth in Green Conformation Hunter Under Saddle, so better than a fourth for Mindful and the title was his. Worse than fourth and the title was First Light's.


With a second place finish, Farmer pulled it off and clinched her third Devon Horse Show Grand Hunter Championship in a row.  


"I knew it came down to the hack, but I didn't know what I had to get. Scott and Larry always know," Farmer said. "I wanted him to hack well no matter what. He was champion here last year, but Scripted was Grand Hunter Champion. For him to be Grand Hunter Champion is really, really special."  


Farmer continued, "I have to say, he knows, he's the ultimate show horse. He doesn't let you down; he knows when it's time to win."  


The tight race for top awards is nothing new between Stewart and Farmer. Stewart has dominated the Leading Hunter Rider title, having won in 12 times, only interrupted most recently by Farmer who claimed the title in both 2013 and 2014. This year, the title returned to Stewart who made it a baker's dozen, earning the top accolade for the 13th time.


In addition to success with Stephanie Danhakl's First Light in the Green Conformation Hunters, Stewart picked up points toward the leading hunter title by taking championship honors in the Second Year Green Hunters with Gina Day's Ashcroft.


On Wednesday morning, Stewart also picked up the reserve championship tricolor in the Regular Conformation Hunters with Dr. Betsee Parker's Lucador. The division championship went to Hunt Tosh and Parker's Cold Harbor.


"To be champion and reserve in the same division with both Betsee's horses is fun. She's such a great owner and supportive with me and with Scott. To be champion or reserve either way is fun, but obviously I like being champion," Tosh joked.


On Tuesday evening, Cold Harbor was named the National Show Hunter Hall of Fame's Regular Conformation Horse Of the Year, and he lived up to every bit of the title on Wednesday.  

Hunt Tosh and Cold Harbor

"He tries so hard and jumps beautiful. He truly is a special horse," Tosh said. "He's got so much range, and he tries so hard. He gives you so much height. We have to remind him not to try too hard sometimes. He's really just been great from day one. The first year, when he was Green Conformation Hunter champion here, he was a 5 or 6-year-old. He's been just special from the beginning."


Tosh continued, "For as many years as he's been showing now, doing the same job, he still tries as hard as he did day one. It's something special about him."


Wednesday's reserve championship in the High Performance Hunters went to Jennifer Alfano and Helen Lenahan's Miss Lucy.


While Wednesday marked the conclusion of professional hunter divisions, the top hunter competition continues on Thursday with the $25,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby. The International Hunter Derby kicks off at 12 p.m. with more than 50 of the country's top hunter horses, including Mindful, vying for the top honors. The full Devon Horse Show schedule and results are available online at  

McLain Ward Hurries to Third Open Jumper Victory     

By: Rebecca Walton

The 2015 edition of the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair is quickly becoming the year of McLain Ward. It seems no matter the day, no matter the horse and no matter the course, his name can be found in lights. The Devon regular racked up his third win of the week aboard Adele during the $10,000 Open Jumper "Hit & Hurry," sponsored by Green Drop.


McLain Ward and Adele


"It's been a pretty good week so far," smiled Ward. "I had two 8-year-olds win classes which is nice, and then one old girl. I guess Rothchild needs to step up tomorrow, doesn't he?"    

McLain Ward and Adele

During Wednesday night's highlight event, competitors earned two points for each correctly jumped obstacle and one point for each obstacle knocked down. They were given a fixed time of 50 seconds to get as far through the course as possible. Once the bell rang to signify the end of the 50 seconds, they had to jump the next fence on course to determine their total time to be used as a tiebreaker.

Kirk Webby was the first rider to accumulate 20 points with Tolleshunt Investment Group's Brando du Rouet, but his time was beaten in the next round by Hayley Waters and No Doubt, who also had 20 points. Webby and Waters would finish sixth and fourth respectively, and Kaitlin Campbell slipped in for the fifth place finish, earning 20 points with Whish LLC's Gabriel.

When Ward tackled the track with the 8-year-old mare Adele, it was clear they were aiming for the win. The talented young horse easily cleared each obstacle with incredible scope and used her large stride to make up time between fences. They had 22 points with a time of 55.379 seconds to take the lead.

Devin Ryan tried to catch them, and had the time in 53.026 seconds, but with only 20 points on Liratus they would place third. The only other rider to beat the 20-point mark was Laura Chapot with Bradberry. They could have taken the win with a fast time of 54.065, but a rail at the seventh fence meant they would only earn 21 points to place second behind Ward.

"I knew Laura was coming behind me, and if she laid it down she was probably going to beat us," admitted Ward after the victory gallop. "I didn't have the experience to take all the risks. Adele was right there at every turn. She's not going to have a fence down very often, so that's nice."

Adele is a mount Ward purchased two years ago with the Tisbo family, and he hopes has a bright future. "She's 8 and needs experience, but she's very, very careful," he explained. "We bought her as a 6-year-old, and we've slowly brought her along. She did the 1.40m in Florida, and she jumped a lot of clear rounds. She's a trier - she's really allergic to the rails. She has an exciting future and a lot of talent."


McLain Ward and Adele


The only Open Jumper victory that did not go to Ward this week was Wednesday afternoon's $10,000 Open Jumpers. Only two riders managed to clear the track, and when Georgina Bloomberg chose to save Caleno 3's jump-off effort for another day the win went to Aaron Vale riding Sarah Turner's Acolina R. Hayley Barnhill rounded out the top three, leaving all the fences intact during the first round, but crossing the finish line with Barnhill Enterprises' Zephire with two time faults.

"I think for the horses that were in there it was obviously difficult today," said Vale. "I'd call it a solid 1.45m all the way around, square oxers, a couple of tight lines. The combination was long to short. It was fairly technical for a weekday Open Jumper class."

Luckily for Vale, Acolina R had all the answers to the course's questions. "She's a super jumper, but a little bit difficult brain," he explained. "She's got spectacular days, and she's got days where I'm scratching my head. She was very rideable for her today."


Aaron Vale and Acolina R


Vale continued, "I flatted her like a racehorse today. I just kind of hobby horsed her around, kind of stood up off her back. She kept her head down the whole time. She came out and warmed up the best she's ever warmed up and carried it into the ring. For her, that's as close as she's going to get to looking like a Medal/Maclay round. I'm pretty happy that I got it today. Hopefully I can recreate it more often."

The last time Vale competed at the Devon Horse Show, he was 18 years old, and he's excited to be back at the historic venue. On Thursday night, he will compete in the $100,000 Sapphire Grand Prix of Devon with Acolina R and Equi-Sport's E.S. Finou 4.

Earlier in the day, the young jumpers competed at the Devon Horse Show. During the 7 & 8-Year-Old Young Jumpers, Melissa Rudershausen topped the jump-off riding Ugolin Du Mont. Hayley Waters placed second with Rio Cachet, while Katie Dinan and Angelina 317 scored the third place award.  


Melissa Rudershausen and Ugolin Du Mont


Taylor Flury was first and second in the 5-Year-Old Young Jumpers aboard Catania Saflo Z and Diamant D'Heure ABF, respectively. Alison Flury rounded out the top three with Cosmea Z. In the 6-Year-Old Young Jumpers Taylor Flury once again claimed the victory, this time riding Jett B. Michael Hughes and Bonvenau followed in second place, with Jaime Auletto and Ecamorka taking home the third place honors.


Taylor Flury with Catania Saflo Z
Taylor Flury and Jett B


The highlight event of the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair will take place Thursday night at 8 p.m. with the $100,000 Sapphire Grand Prix of Devon, where the country's top horse and rider combinations will vie for the winning prize.

For more information about the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair and complete results, please visit

RESULTS: Class 244, $10,000 OPEN JUMPER
1    1817    ADELE     MCLAIN WARD     22.000    
2    176    BRADBERRY     LAURA CHAPOT     21.000    
3    1018    Liratus     DEVIN RYAN     20.300    
4    269    NO DOUBT     HAYLEY WATERS     20.200    
5    685    GABRIEL     KAITLIN CAMPBELL     20.100    
6    1268    Brando du Rouet     KIRK WEBBY     20.000    
7    945    Bijou de Balou     KATHERINE DINAN     19.000    
8    654    Zippo CG     Juan Pablo Pivaral     18.100

RESULTS:  Class 243, $10,000 OPEN JUMPER
1    1448    ACOLINA R     AARON VALE     0    0    0    73.700    
2    367    CALENO 3     GEORGINA BLOOMBERG     0    0    0    73.812    
3    1347    Zephire     HAYLEY BARNHILL     0    2    2    76.484                       
4    1819    HH BEST BUY     MCLAIN WARD     4    0    4    73.469                       
5    603    CASSEVEL     HUNTER HOLLOWAY     4    3    7    77.089                       
6    1399    MACARTHUR     MICHAEL HUGHES     8    0    8    74.217                       
7    655    Cento Per Cento CG     Juan Pablo Pivaral     8    0    8    74.864 
8    1565    E.S. FINOU 4     AARON VALE     8    2    10    76.958

1    1011    UGOLIN DU MONT     MELISSA RUDERSHAUSEN     0    69.431    0    34.246
2    272    RIO CACHET     HAYLEY WATERS     0    2.480    0    35.075    
3    949    ANGELINA 317     KATHERINE DINAN     0    70.742    0    36.504    
4    1020    DIDAM     DEVIN RYAN     0    0    0    70.891    4    32.629    
5    948    DIBATSJA     KATHERINE DINAN     0    1    1    74.673                       
6    1266    CONBALOU     SETH VALLHONRAT     0    1    1    74.829                       
7    1137    ALI BABA B     OLIVIA DOREY     4    0    4    68.796                       
8    1560    DIDO     SARAH MIDDLETON     4    0    4    69.741

1    424    CATANIA SAFLO Z     TAYLOR FLURY     0    0    0    67.634    
2    426    DIAMANT D'HEURE ABF     TAYLOR FLURY     0    0    0    72.414    
3    425    COSMEA Z     ALISON FLURY     0    0    0    73.115    
4    423    CARRASCA Z     TAYLOR FLURY     4    0    4    69.807    
5    1015    LASINDER HPF     DEVIN RYAN     8    0    8    71.773    
6    1016    ROYAL SALUUT     KELLY ARVIDSON     8    5    13    78.326    
7    727    DIAMOND JUBILEE     PETER LEONE     12    4    16    77.256    
8    1006    FELIX     ANDREW ROSS     20    0    20    71.508

1    1570    JETT B     TAYLOR FLURY     0    0    0    67.390    0    32.004    
2    1401    Bovenau     MICHAEL HUGHES     0    0    0    71.571    0    32.470    
3    1130    ECAMORKA     JAIME AULETTO     0    0    0    66.854    0    33.710    
4    950    CHIARA MIA     KATHERINE DINAN     0    0    0    67.755    0    34.497    
5    30    CHICA 170     KEVIN BABINGTON     0    0    0    70.205  0    34.514    
6    1022    EDDIE BLUE     DEVIN RYAN     0    1    1    72.121                       
7    1471    EDORADO     JAMES FAIRCLOUGH     0    3    3    74.227                       
8    1532    Chacco too     KEVIN BABINGTON     4    0    4    71.543 



Susan Sisco Pairs With New Mount for Ladies Hunter Side Saddle Championship
By: Mary Adelaide Brakenridge

Susan Sisco has won the Ladies Hunter Side Saddle championship tricolor many times at the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair. This year, she introduced a new mount to the Dixon Oval, riding Wilona WF to victory in the division. Sisco and the 9-year-old American Warmblood mare, owned by Judith Gartland and bred by Anne Rawle of Watermark Farm, prevailed in a hack-off to win the True Blue Challenge Trophy.

Susan Sisco and Wilona WF

Side saddle competitors showed off their skills in a hack and an over fences class during the day on Tuesday and then returned under the lights Tuesday evening for an under saddle class to complete the division. After taking second in the hack and fourth over fences, Sisco and Wilona WF moved up the ranks by taking top honors in the final under saddle class. Then, they squared off against Debra Taylor, a student of Sisco's, and Hypnotic in the hack-off to break the tie for the championship.

"She's a beautiful mover," Sisco said of Wilona WF. "It's her first Devon, and I was happy with the way she went. She handled the atmosphere well. We brought her here on Sunday to practice, and we stabled overnight, so she had time to get acclimated to the grounds here."

Sisco, a former Pennsylvania resident, now lives in Aiken, South Carolina, but travels back to compete at Devon every year. She still has a core group of clients in the area and appreciates the chance to participate in the side saddle division alongside many of her friends and students.

Susan Sisco and Wilona WF

"We have a group of ladies who continue to do the side saddle and prolong that tradition," she said. "Daisy Wanamaker, who presented the trophy for the under saddle class, is a dear friend of mine, and I stay with them when I come up to this area. I hacked off for champion for the second year in a row with Debra, who rides with me. It's nice to have that."

Sisco has many memories of attending the Devon Horse Show as a child. "When I was a horse crazy teenager, I would come and stand at the gate at Devon all day long watching everybody," she said. "It still is a great horse show to come watch because the very best horses from all over the country are here." 

Ladies Day 2015: More Color, Style and Sass Than Ever!
  By: Laurie Wightman

Music filled the air at the Pavilion on Wednesday morning as the ladies flooded through the gates in their most ornate and extravagant hats, anticipating another fabulous tradition at Devon: Ladies Day. The Devon Ladies Day tradition dates back to the early 1900s, and it is one of the highlights of the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair. Along with the hat contest, Ladies Day features the Ladies Side Saddle competition.

This year's hat contest attracted one of the best and most creative crowds of ladies to date. The vast array of colorful hats that sprinkled the grounds of Devon was an impressive sight to see. The ladies showed exceptional dedication in creating their own unique style and made it a challenging task for the judges to vote on the best hats in the four major categories.

The winners in each category were as follows: Best Hat and Purse - Pam Targan; Most Fascinating (or best fascinator) - Amy Holzapfel; Best Hat to Toe - Patti Lynn Fitzgerald; and Best in Show - Pam Bastings.


Carson Kressley, Amy Holzapfel and Wayne W. Grafton. Photo By: Brenda Carpenter

Best in Show won the Grand Prize, a 30-day lease on a Jaguar from Land Rover Main Line, a gift certificate from Lisa DiJoseph, Box #1 for a day and evening, and the Devon family fun pack. The other three category winners each won a Tory Burch gift box which contained either a luxury skincare certificate or luxury fragrances valued at $500.

Directly following the hat contest was a festive cocktail reception with live music and little bites, after which guests enjoyed a delicious luncheon. Several opted to make a day of it by attending a full service Champagne luncheon at the Garden Caf?.

Devon Horse Show and Country Fair would like to thank the following sponsors for supporting Ladies Day and contributing generously to make this another fabulous event: Philadelphia Style Magazine, Malvern Federal Bank, Kellmer Jewelers, Lilly Pulitzer, Cottage Flowers Floral Design, Cut Flower Exchange, Lunetta, Trish McEvoy, Nordstrom King of Prussia, Currie Hair - Skin and Nails, Kate Spade, Golia Vodka and Land Rover Main Line.

A special thank you goes out to the following judges who participated in the Ladies Hat Contest to make it another successful triumph: Carson Kressley, Tak Papariello from Main Line Land Rover, Laurie Wightman from Wayne Magazine, Brenda Waites Boling Millinery, Chloe Johnston from CJ Tours, Kristin Detterline from Philadelphia Style Magazine and Joe Gangemi from Malvern Bank. 


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