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Determination of Uranium
Isotopes using ICP-QQQ-MS

Mine Waters
Brooks Applied Labs has developed a new method for the determination of very low concentrations of uranium isotopes ( 234U, 235U, and 238U) in water samples using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry with triple quadrupole technology (ICP-QQQ-MS). This new method supports parts-per-quadrillion detection limits and fast laboratory turnaround times. Click the Learn More button below for additional information or Contact Us to discuss how this method might be applicable to your project.

Dietary Selenium and COVID-19 Outcomes

Selenium A recent epidemiological study showed a strong correlation between selenium intake and COVID-19 mortality. Statistical analyses conducted on cure rates in various regions in China showed significantly lower cure rates in regions where the populations are known to have selenium deficiency, whereas the opposite trend was observed in populations known to have higher dietary selenium intake. Although selenium deficiency and infectious disease resistance is not a new topic, a great deal more research will be needed to further investigate this correlation. To learn more about Brooks Applied Labs' expert selenium analysis capabilities, as well as extensive experience supporting clinical trials and other biomonitoring research projects, contact us.
Celebrating Two 5-Year BAL Anniversaries

This month we are celebrating the 5-year anniversaries of two of Brooks Applied Labs' employees! Geoff Leadbeater joined BAL in March 2015, working in the lab until his move to our business development team in 2018. Geoff now manages all inside sales efforts and supports a wide range of clients and projects. Joy Mooney was hired in June 2015 as a part-time graphic designer to help with the rebranding of Brooks Applied Labs after the merger of Brooks Rand and Applied Speciation. Joy grew her role over the year to become our full-time graphic designer, website administrator, and invaluable support for our IT department. Thank you to Geoff and Joy for your dedication and hard work over the past 5 years!
Geoff Leadbeater and Joy Mooney - 5yrs at BAL
At Brooks Applied Labs, we believe in equality for all people, and we will not tolerate bias or racism. We recognize and embrace the diversity of our employees and our clients. We stand in solidarity with those who are fighting for real change that will lead to justice for the victims of racial injustice, accountability for those who perpetuate violence, and the empowerment of all groups of people who have been oppressed by inequity.

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." - Martin Luther King Jr.
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