APRIL 18, 2022




Changes are ahead at DBI! The Permit Center is planning to go live with self-serve kiosks at the end of this month for customer self queueing and for DPW and Planning payment by early May.


The Permit Center now includes the following departments:


DBI (Department of Building Inspection)

OSB (Office Of Small Business)

DPH (Department of Public Health)

PUC (Public Utilities Commission)

Public Works


SFFD (Fire Plan Check)

BUF (Bureau of Urban Forestry)

Technical Services

Records Management


The issue of Information Sheet EG-02, regarding Emergency Escape and Rescue Openings (EEROs) to yard or court for existing or new buildings of R-3 occupancies has been hammered out by building and fire and been presented to the Codes Advisory Committee and is being sent to the BIC (Building Inspection Commission). See the attached draft EG-02 DraftFor more information on how to request a local equivalency, please see AB-005.


DBI now has a reprographics department for your scanning, printing and copying needs. For comparable prices go to Reprographics.


Planning has repealed the Matrix for rooms down go to Rooms Down. For the planning department 2022 pictorial go to Planning Pictorial.


Go to Virtual Tour to see a Powerpoint presentation of what the Permit Center was going to look like.


Recognizing my colleague Brett Gladstone take note there is a June 22nd deadline for registering intermediate length occupancy units In San Francisco read Deadline For Registering Intermediate Length Occupancy Units.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.

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