NOVEMBER 3, 2022



First of all I wish to mention that it was a really fun day at DBI for Halloween with the folks at the Permit Center and PUC wearing red T-shirts with a real looking "Target" oval tag on their T-shirts, except for Wendy at the Permit Center who was dressed in a fantastic costume as an angel! The best though were all the folks at CPB, including David Jones, who wore attire from the movie "Grease"!


I am a Director with BSA (Building Safety Alliance) and I am inviting everyone to the San Francisco Electrical Inspection Luncheon is set for Thursday December 1st, 2022.

Space is limited and Registration is now open through Nov 28th.

Just click the link below to Register and Pay Online.

Click Here for Lunch Details & Registration

BSA would appreciate $1000.00 Sustaining Sponsorships to continue our Mission.

We would be grateful for any amount given.

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Dear DBI Customers,

As we approach the end of the year, we want to encourage you to submit your permit applications as early as possible.

Every three years, when we have a code cycle update, we receive a surge of permit applications over the holidays and leading up to December 31, the final day before new building code regulations take effect on January 1.

This year, in addition to the new regulations, many San Francisco properties subject to the City’s Accessible Business Entrance program have a December 31 deadline for applying for any necessary construction permits to remedy disability access issues.

In other words, we are expecting a substantial rush of applications that may impact our processing times and strongly encourage you to submit your applications by December 15. Late applications may be subject to the 2023 building codes.

DBI and the Permit Center are preparing for this surge and will do all we can to process the applications as they come in. The new Pre-Plan Check station for In-house Review permit applications will speed our processing for projects submitted with a complete set of drawings (and result in applications without a complete set of drawings being turned away and not accepted).

Thank you for your ongoing support and partnership.

DBI Team

Henry Karnilowicz


Consulting Design Construction Management

CSL #319153

1019 Howard Street

San Francisco, CA 94103-2806

415.420.8113 cell

415.621.7583 fax

President Emeritus

San Francisco Council of District Merchants Associations


SFPD x Small Business Advisory Forum