Not just for Halloween
Our Heroes are Super All Year Round
Happy Halloween!
We don't have much time to indulge in Halloween festivities at the DA's office. Our folks are too busy with the day-to-day work of keeping our city safe. Our prosecutors, investigators, victim advocates and administrative members take on large work loads and long hours, and often receive little thanks. I am continually amazed at the dedication of our staff.
Our folks may not have the time to don glittery headpieces or fancy capes, but they are superheroes no less.

Members of our office
Because One Unsolved Homicide Is Too Many

On October 22nd, our office, along with the the Denver Police Department and the Denver Crime Lab, received $500,000 in funding from the National Institute of Justice to enable us to work toward solving 72 of the most challenging violent crime cold cases. These funds will enable the three agencies to work on unsolved homicide and sexual assault cases for which a suspect has been identified, but, for which, prosecutors have not been able to file charges.
Since Denver’s Integrated Cold Case Project launched in 2004, it has successfully identified and convicted serial rapists such as Byron Gay, Michael Lollis and Richard DePina. The unit has secured convictions dating back 30 years from when the crimes were committed, such as the case of the 2011 conviction of murderer Roderick Elias who raped and killed a young woman in 1980.
This funding will allow forensic scientists to work overtime to locate, collect, and analyze evidence in violent crime cold case. The Denver Police Department’s Cold Case Unit will also be able to pay overtime to advance investigations when a suspect is identified and additional investigation is needed. The Denver District Attorney’s Office will add a deputy attorney to its existing Cold Case Unit to help file and prosecute these cases. Most significantly, it will allow the potential for more than 70 families to see justice.

Let the Healing Begin

We were pleased to share the news that Denver Health partnered with the Rose Andom Center for domestic violence victims to open a medical clinic in the Rose Andom Center. The clinic will provide primary care services to adults and children already getting help from the family justice center for domestic violence and abuse. Medical care will now be available in addition to the wrap-around services offered to serve more domestic violence victims and their children as they heal.

We were honored to join Denver's mayor Michael Hancock and other organizations on Monday, October 28th for the ribbon-cutting ceremony. 
2019 Denver District Attorney Citizens' Academy
On October 13 th , approximately 25 engaged citizens joined us for our second annual Citizen's Academy and spent an entire sunny, fall Saturday in the Ford Warren Library to learn about criminal justice from some of our brightest and best. Our attendees ranged in age from early 20s to retirees, were of many various professions, and came from many different backgrounds; they all asked equally thoughtful questions and offered comments. Agenda items included how cases come to us, overviews of our special units, victim services, and our diversion and community programs. Each of our presenters had our attendees spellbound. Special thanks to our office members who gave up their Saturday to present. It was a long and informative day. 

Below are some words from some of our 2019 attendees:
"Beth seems to be making positive changes throughout the office. I think Beth is doing a great job."

"Very impressive people in office. Strong new programs. Great program. Used our time well . "
"Very impressed by breadth of activities and quality of people and work . "
"Felt very welcomed and provided for. - Thanks"
Crime Victim Compensation

Crime impacts victims and survivors in many ways and brings many challenges, some of which may be financial. Our Crime Victim Compensation program assists eligible victims with some expenses related to the crime. 

Victim Compensation may help pay for:
  • medical and dental expenses related to the crime.
  • mental health counseling
  • loss of wages due to injury
  • funeral expenses
  • repair of doors, locks and windows to secure your home

Victims may apply for compensation if:
  • they sustain physical bodily injury, extreme mental distress or the crime results in death.
  • they reported the crime to the Denver Police Department
  • they have cooperated fully with law enforcement officials
  • the injury or death of the victim was not a result of the victim’s own wrong doing
  • they file an application within one year of the date of the crime

Some of these requirements can be waived for good cause.

Please have victims file for Crime Victim Compensation by calling us at
720-913-9253, or emailing our victim compensation program at

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Denver District Attorney Youth Advisory Council
Do you know a young person who is interested in the community and might have some insight on juvenile justice?

Our Youth Advisory Council is a group of engaged, dedicated, and diverse young people ages 11-18 who are committed to helping young people make good choices and not end up in the criminal justice cycle. The council works with the district attorney to gather community concerns, generate ideas for improvement and discuss the criminal justice system.

The council provides an ongoing youth voice to inform District Attorney McCann as she believes that youth are best served when they are active participants in decisions made about them. The district attorney looks to the expertise of our youth to enhance and transform our juvenile criminal justice systems.

For more information and apply to the Youth Advisory Council here.
Meet Denise and Talia: Putting Our Best Faces Forward
Drop by our office, and you’ll be met by one of our front desk people. As they greet you they will likely be juggling a couple of ringing phone lines. On hold might be a detective who needs to speak to a chief DA as well as a desperate victim who knows nothing about her case. Behind you will be a delivery person with someone’s hot lunch order waiting to have its owner notified. Despite all this, you will be welcomed and eagerly helped. Not a job for the feint of heart or for anyone much less than a superhero.
Meet our superheroes: Denise Alarid comes to us from a background of retail management, banking and medical coding. Talia Polito has a degree in Political Science and Spanish and interned with a public defender’s office, which sparked her interest in criminal justice. “Our contact with the public is short, but the most important,” Talia says. “We have to know what to say to put them at ease. It’s a challenge,” adds Denise. “People don’t know what case number they’re calling about. They’re new to this. They need someone to guide them. They come in not knowing anything and just need help.”
It’s a tough job. When people call our office, it’s likely because something horrible has happened. “It’s rewarding, but can be mentally draining,” says, Denise. “We greet everyone who comes through the office.”
“It never stops,” adds Talia. "The phone is always ringing and we often don’t know the answers. It’s easy to get overwhelmed.” Despite these challenges, Talia and Denise have brought professionalism and compassion to our front desk. They transformed what was once a dreary space into a welcoming haven, where passersby are welcomed with a bowl of candy. “That’s Talia,” said Denise. “She brought in this aromatic infusion that makes everything feel nice and the chocolate breaks the ice.”

Talia credits her coworkers for keeping her sane. “It really is wonderful to work here because of the people.” She says. Denise agrees and adds that it’s important to have meaning in what you do. “It’s humbling work,” she says. “you never know when the roles can reverse. These callers could be any of us.”
Denise Alarid
Talia Polito
 Rain, Shine or Snow
A little snow is no foil for Denver's finest superheroes. On Monday, many children braved the snow for the Super Hero Fun Run, hosted by DPD, District 3. Denver DA Beth McCann joined Denver police to pass out treats to the hardy Super Runners.