Dentists will Receive Vaccine in Phase 1

We continue to receive many questions from members regarding the COVID-19 vaccine asking when it will be available to dentists. The Kentucky CHFS has posted their plan here:

As with everything else COVID-related, there are more questions than answers right now and those answers are often unclear or subject to change.

Here’s what we do know based upon our conversation with Kentucky Public Health Commissioner Steve Stack. The vaccine has started to come in. However, they have not received as much as expected. More is on the way.

The Commonwealth has prioritized distribution for the vaccine in four phases. We have been told that the vaccine will be made available to dentists during Phase 1A.

Of course, when this means you will be contacted to receive the vaccine is a function of how much is available and the other groups in this category. So, dentists are near the top of a list. However, it may still be months more for us, as hospitals and long-term facilities will be first. As more vaccine becomes available, we will learn exactly when and how dentists can expect to be notified. We will immediately share that information with you.

Your patience and hard work has not gone unnoticed during this time. Dr. Stack asked me to convey the governor’s appreciation for the way organized dentistry and its members have conducted themselves throughout this crisis.

KDA will continue to work on your behalf and provide additional information when it becomes available.

Stay safe and well,