From President Frank H. Wu Chief Diversity Officer & Dean of Diversity Jerima DeWese:

We are writing to encourage you to review—and if necessary, to update or add—your self-identification information in CUNYfirst. The City University of New York collects identity information about its faculty and staff to comply with affirmative action and equal employment regulations and for institutional planning purposes. Specifically, information is collected related to gender, ethnicity, ancestry, veteran status, and disability status from CUNY's tax-levy employee population, both full-time and part-time. 


Virtually all CUNY employees have identified their gender and ethnicity. However, fewer employees have provided information on ancestry, veteran status, and disability status. I hope you will consider providing this information. Not only will this help CUNY comply with federal regulations, this information allows Queens College to communicate an accurate picture of our workforce, establish our eligibility for federal and other funding, and determine which areas we have been successful in diversifying and where we need to do more work. 


Please know that your participation is strictly voluntary. It has no impact on your employment. Your answers are maintained confidentially and are used to create mandatory reports and to develop effective affirmative action and/or diversity programs. When reported, this information is summarized and does not identify anyone individually. 


Updating your profile is quick. Here's how to do it through the CUNYfirst Employee Self-Service portal: 

  1. Sign into CUNYfirst at
  2. Click on the Employee Self Service tile.
  3. Click on the Personal Details tile which will take you to a page where you can update your ethnic group, veteran status, and disability information. 
  4. Be sure to save/submit any change you make. 


In most cases, you will need fewer than ten minutes to update your information. If you need help in accessing the screens or recording your responses, please contact the Employee Services team in the Office of Human Resources at or 718-997-4455. 


If you have further questions regarding self-identification, please contact the Office of Compliance and Diversity at 718-997-5888. 


Thank you for your assistance with this important matter. 

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